Floofy Friday

 Lil G: Well Friday as you can see, Mom is fulling slacking on her blogging duties. She claims she's still on vacation! Yeech! It's been a week already! I mean I am a busy office cat, and this kind of loose work ethic doesn't fly with me. You know she's going to be good for nothing when she goes back Monday!

Quill: Never mind the kid Friday... how about a nice belly rub? Look how soft my furs are!


  1. I thought humans weren't supposed to take vacations, and cat blogs aren't included in vacations anyway! It's true - it's in Sparkle's notes!

  2. a little slacking never hurt anyone :)

  3. You better dock your mom's pay. :)

  4. I'm just curious, when someone takes Quill up on his invitation to rub that soft, furry belly; does he then close up like a bear trap? That's what happens with 3 out of four cats in our house. They lure you in with sweet expressions and soft, plush belly fur, only to clamp themselves around your arm, using all four claws to hold you in place an sharp teeth to warn you not to move until they release you. IF you remain calm, you can walk way without injury. But, if you react in a startled manner, pulling away from the trap, you end up with scratches and teeth marks on that hand and arm. It deffenatly doesn't enhance a fresh manicure. I just am curious if only my cats are bear traps or if all cats spring without warning.

    1. You're so smart! Actually I do enjoy a belly rub, but I have been known to offer the belly up and then clamp down. Usually with Greyson thought. My parents call it the Quilly Fly Trap. They can always tell when there is danger cause I get extra flirty when the trap is activated!

  5. Lil G, take it from Quill ... relaxamacating is a very good thing!