They Say It's My Birthday

Happy New Year Babies!
What's that my friends? Sorry I can't hear you over the delighted Mommy squealing over here!

Well it's my Guesstimate Birthday today! We think I'm turning twelve today(ish) which officially makes me a grannycat/senior kitizen. Please enjoy the bowls of tuna and ham, the niptinis, and all the catnip you can roll around in. If the house gets trashed a bit, well it's a party right?

In honor of showing my New Year Baby Side, I thought I would also show you what my post might have looked like twelve years ago:

Love Mommy, Love Daddy.
Zoom Zoom Zoom!
Rules? What are those? Nope no need for those!
Get Down?
Love Daddy, Chase Mommy, Kill Mommy.
Nom, Nom Nom, Nom
Zoom Zoom Zoom.
Love Mommy.
If anyone is playing with me this weekend and showing your baby side, please let me know so I can come by and see all of you! I hope we all have a healthy and happy year together.


  1. You were the cutest baby ever! :)

    I'm sure Mom will be posting my baby picture sometime tomorrow, teehee.

    Happy Birthday, Fin!

  2. You were so absolutely adorable! We are playing tomorrow...my baby pictures will show up at midnight my time! Happy Birthday!

  3. We had to come wish you a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Happy New Year, too!

  4. What an absolutely adorable cute kitten you were!!!!!!

    Happy, Happy Birthday, my SIF!!! and a Happy Birthday to your Mommy as well!

    We must be about the same age, at a guess - but SS has no kitten photo of me.

  5. What a precious little baby you were! No wonder you grew up to be so beautiful too!! Happy Birthday to you and your mombean and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!!

  6. Fin,

    Happy birthday! And Happy New Year!

    You were a cute baby and you don't look a day over 9 today.

  7. Happy birthday,Fin! I am playing and my baby picture is posted! I had no idea you were almost as old as me! I hope you have a wonderful 2009.

    Happy birthday to your mom bean too!

  8. w00t! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You were a very very cute baby!



  9. What an adorable baby!!!! Fin!!! You are such a cutie!!

    Happy Birthday!!! And Happy New Year!!!!

  10. Of course you were an adorably cute kitten, look at you today. Love your baby side. And happy 12th birthday.
    We'll be posting some of our baby sides too and will let you know.
    Very good idea.
    Love & Purrs,

  11. Awwww, what a preshus baby kitty you were, and what a beeyootiful ladycat you are now! We Ballicai wish you and yur fambly a furry Happy New Year!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

    (Mom's note to Fin's Mom: How cool that you're working on your second book! Good luck with your writing, and thank you so much for your well-wishes!)

  12. ...and Happy 12th Purrthday! I hope it was a fabyoolus one!

  13. Happy Birthday dear Fin, my you looked gorgeous (you still are). I wish I could say the same when I was smaller :)! I am sure that my beans won't be able to resist putting baby photos up a bit later....

  14. Happy Birthday to you & your mommy & Happy New Year to all!!!

  15. Great floofy goodness! Just look at all the kitten-y kyootness! hahaha!

    Happy Birthday, Fin! And we wish you all the best things that a New Year can bring.

  16. A Very Happy Birthday to Fin and her Mommy! We hope you have a most wonderful day.

    Gosh what a saucy little floofball you were as a kitten. Adorable! You looked so feisty too!

    Also we wish your whole family a Very Happy & Peaceful New Year!

    Rumbly Happy Purrs from

    Wuudles, Angel, Oliver, Gerry & Mum xx

  17. Yep you were a bootiful baby
    and baby, you're bootiful now!
    Happy Happy Day to Fin
    and Happy Happy Day to Mommy...

    and to one and all:
    Here's to a grand & glorious New Year for everyone.

    (Baby) Zoey and (Baby) Maggy

  18. Happy birthday Fin! I don't have any baby pictures of me since I arrived here when I was already 5. I might post a baby picture of my Uncle Buckley though, he was a cute baby.

    Huffle Mawson

  19. Happy Purrthday Fin! Hope you get lots of attention and yummy treats. It's sort of my (Gypsy's) birthday today too, or at least that's what the v-e-t guessed when I moved in with my Mum, so I thought I'd better wish you a specially happy purrthday.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  20. Fin, What a cute baby picture of you.

    We posted some old pictures of us (when we were younger) off Mommy's phone and our baby picture is in the side bar. Mommy didn't have time to find some baby pictures of Socks, cause they are all before digital. ~S,S & C

  21. Happy Brithday to Fin and her Mommy!!!

  22. Uh-oh, we forgot the most important thing Fin.

    We hope you have a very Happy Birthday.

    Hugs & Purrs, ~S, S & C

  23. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! we wish we could play but the only baby pikshurs we haf are Billy's and he was all goopy (they are on our blog last feb) but mommy didn't haf a digital camera when we was babies.

    You were adorable!
    You still are!
    Happy Birthday Fin!

  25. "Squeeeeeeeee" -SS&S Mom
    What a cute little girl you were as a kitten Fin!We think the estimate of your baby post is pretty realistic! Lots of noms & zooms!
    Happy Birthday & Happy New Year to you & your Mom!

  26. Wishing you a Happy New Year and A Happy Birthday!
    Purrs...and headbutts...
    ~ Bob and Patrick
    ... and The Bunch!

  27. Fin! Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! I think your baby post and mine would have been quite the same, with a few Hi-YAAAA!'s thrown in for good measure.

    My mom wants to snorgle your armpits. It pains me to say it but she is so WEIRD!!!

  28. I forgot to say Happy Birthday to your mom, too!

    Happy Birthday! :)

  29. Happy Birthday to you and your mom, Fin! And a very happy New Year! We will post in honour of you when we get back to our place, as our mom hasn't got the photos with her right now. Have a pawsome 2009, BSIF!!!!

  30. Fin
    Momma did squee all through the room she said you were absolutely adorable and now you are positively gorgeous. She wishes she had baby pictures of us but sadly she doesn't as we all came to her pretty well grown. But we wish you a happy purrday, it's our sisfur Gracie purrday(guesstament) today as well...

    HAPPY PURRDAY gorgeous lady.
    Abby,Boo,Ping,Jinx and Gracie

  31. Happy happy birthday Fin! Our Momma was squealing too when she saw your absolutely precious tummy baby picture!
    We also wish you a very Happy New Year, furriend!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  32. My baby pictures were just posted! ;-)

  33. uh oh, the squeeeing is happening here too!

    What a cutie patootie kitten you were! I can tell from that picture you were going to grow up into a lovely floofy ladycat.

    I love your "retro" blog! Zoom Zoom Zoom. ha ha ha

  34. Ohhh Fin, please tell your Mommy Happy Birthday too! A big DUH to our Momma for forgetting to say something earlier ... hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam, Simon and DUH Momma Jan

  35. Happy Birthday birthday buddies!! I hope you are both having a fabulous day. Its so great to start the year off right!


  36. Fin, dat is a most dorable pictor of you! Since I was 8 monfs old when I dopted Mom, I don't really haf "baby" pictors. But I'll sing fur you AND yur mom!
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
    Hippo Birdie Deer Fin an Meg,
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes!
    ... an many MOOOOOOOOOOORE!
    Dat's a grate way to ring in da Mew Year! Purrs,
    ~ Victor

  37. Hi Fin! Happy Birthday, young lady!

    I don't have a baby photo. Sigh. Mom did actually MEET me when I was a little girl, though ... I promise you that I was a cutie, too!

    Save me a 'niptini, please!

  38. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 12th Purrthday Fin and many, many, many mooooooooooooooore!! We love your kitten picture and you were pretty floofy even back then! Mom put my kitten picture up just now! (Sam) She has some of Tigger but she can't find them. So we are hear to party with you on your special day!!

    We want to say Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2009 to you and your family!!
    Your FL furiends,

  39. Happy purrfday Fin. We hope you are having a lovely day.

  40. Happy Births-day!

    You was a lil' cutie!
    So was I ;) Come ant take a look.
    Mine mombean has been goin' Squeeee! all morning.

  41. We wish you all a

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!

    What a cutie pie baby cat!!!!! Now you are a beautiful ,floofy ladycat :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia and Tillie

    Happy Birthday to your Mom too :)

  42. Adorable then, still adorable now... happy birthday, Fin, and all us Good Cats wish you and your human staff a happy 2009!

  43. Happy all birthdays in your house! Oh, could that kitten photo of you be any cuter? I don't think so! And what a truly kitteny post! Good job. You were adorable then, and adorable now.

  44. Happy happy purrthday and Happy New Year!

  45. hahhaha I thinks all those zooms and nom nom and.. all those things are a furry babies right of passage huh? :) You is such a beautiful babeh! Look at that floof already! :)

    We wish you and your Momma a VERY Happy Birthday and New year! :))

    We did a post with a couple of baby pictures, but we does not have that many :)


  46. You need to post some sort of warning before starting a post with a picture that unbelievably cute. You were the cutest kitten! Happy Birthday to you and your mom. We wish you a very Happy New Year too!

  47. You're just a tiny baby! How cute! Happy Purrfday to you and Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    Luf, Us

  48. Happy Happy Birthday and a very happy New Year to you!!!
    VERY cute picture!

  49. Happy Birthday to you and your mum, Fin! We have posted our baby pictures:)

  50. Hello Dear Fin....Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! It's good to see you having so much fun.

    Your SIF, friend and fellow NFC
    Miss Kitty

  51. Happy purrfday Fin!!! Ize da wittelist Katie Katz cuz Ize da babee... Mawmee calls me Cutsie Bootsie... When duz I getz ta be a grownup!! Ize a yehr old ya knoh!

    pwoblem iz datz I don't looks my age!
    Mawme dont look almos ahlf a centry oldz neevur.... bye bye.

    Bootsie Woo.

  52. Fin, you were such an adorable kitten! As I suspected my Lap Lady didn't find and scan my baby picture but she will try to this week. Willow and I wanted to wish both you and your mom Happy Birthday!

    And Willow and I hope that you and your family have a very Happy New Year!

    Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  53. Happy Purrfdady Fin and Fins mommy. We hope you had a special day and lots of treats.

  54. Holy Moley!! That has to be the cutest wee kit pic we have seen in a long time!!!!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

    Sorry we missed it yesterday but the PM and wee ones were stuck in the city as we had a blizzard.

    Purrs Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  55. Sorry we missed your birthday, but it looks like you had a great time!! Happy (belated) Birthday!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids