Cool Show

Mommy and I were enjoying a special on the National Geographic Channel called "Cats in the Womb." We really enjoyed it. There were cool animations and videos (and I'll be honest a couple of kinda gross ones too, Mommy and I are a bit squeamish). It had all kinds of fascinating little cat and big cat facts (which were sometimes hard to hear over the squealing about the babies):
  • Cheetahs can cover almost 20 feet with each stride while running!
  • Cats can purr but not roar, while lions are the opposite. This is due to a hardening of a bone somewhere in our head.
  • Purring releases endorphins and makes us happy and feel better (seems to help our humans too).
Sadly I was hoping it would provide proof that I should receive Fancy Feast on demand, but alas, it wasn't mentioned. I think I'll go purr, hope you purr some today too.

P.S. - In case you are thinking we watch educational things only, we are also going to watch The Bachelor... Mommy's a hopeless romantic while I like the cat fights, naturally.


  1. We wish we could select chanels to get with cable but since our cable company sells only "packages" and cost way to much money mom and dad will not get us cable. We don't get to watch any of da cool stuff until it gets to PBS years later.

  2. Oh Elizabeth and I watched that too! We thought it was really something to see the marvellous assembly of little house kittens and big lion cubs.

  3. I always knew we were a bit hard headed, but not really...

  4. We saw some pictures of it on the Cat's Meow blog- it looked amazing. We are glad you enjoyed it:)

  5. Good to know that purring has double benefits 'cos I am loud purrer.

  6. That sounds like a very cool show! We don't get anything that exciting out here on tv. More snow inside.


  7. If we could get scientific evidence of needing Fancy Feast on demand we'd be set!

    Huffle Mawson

  8. Wish we'd seen it, we love programmes like that. Mainly 'cos it means our apes sit still, transfixed by the TV and forget to fiddle with our paws.

    We read in New Scientist that the purr can also speed up tissue and bone healing in humans too - we should charge for this!

    Interesting about lions not purring, Mummy lions do make a noise when they are suckling, but it isn't a purr - I wonder what it is?

    Clearly Fin, your Mommy was not paying proper attention to the programme as ALL of these programmes contain an explicit message to hand out Feast on demand.

    We'll definately be doing some purring today - purring rocks!


  9. Sounds like a great show. Our people don't bother with cable and only use the TV for watching DVDs. (The woman LOVES movies.)

    Since the man has been sleeping on the couch we don't wake them during the night like we used to. We're hearing rumblings about the next step being to lock us out of the bedroom.

    We don't like that idea at all.

    Ms. P and Cinza

  10. I say we should pool our money and make our own TV show that says we need Fancy Feast on demand! It could be like hypnosis...


  11. We like to purr...but being able to roar once in awhile...now that would be fun!!!

  12. We'd like to roar too, instead of that silly little "meow". We want to be fierce!!!!

  13. Mama says that my purr is loud enough to be a roar! I iz Biggy Mancat (in training)!!!

    We watched Goma's show, but we did not see dis one.


  14. ooo I can't believe we missed it! I can't believe they didn't mention Fancy Feast. It must be a "bean conspiracy."


  15. We recorded that show, but we haven't watched it yet. And also, The Bachelor! I think we need to catch up on our TV viewing.

  16. Are you saying that they insinuated that someone is hard-headed? Surely not.

    I'm a real good purrer. ;)

  17. Mom and I both watched and recorded that show. I was so interested in it, that I walked up to the TV. I will share some pictures and talk about this show on Thursday or Friday this week. It was a great show.