Bite Me

In keeping with my bitey post from yesterday, my great friend Huffle Mawson first posted this fun meme and invited anycat to play so I thought I would play.

It's the "Oops I Ate It" award and 'when accepting this award you must blog about the food you have stolen when your humans weren't watching. If you have never stolen any food, you must be a very good pup or kitty. You can accept this yummy tray of cookies as your reward!!! Next add the logo of this award to your blog (optional)."

I don't know if "oops" is appropriate, because I always steal with steely determination. I admit that I enjoy a little human food now and then. I usually get my scraps the polite way - by requesting them while my parents enjoy their dinner. I make my figure eights through their legs and mewl politely (hey, does this count as grooming if Mom has excessive stubble? but I digress).

However if things are left too long on the coffee table... well... I may not be so civilized... as evidenced here. Oh and water and milk cups don't count right?

Anyone else wanna come clean?

P.S. It's Daddy's birthday today and I am hoping for another lick of whipped cream and milk. A ladycat can dream!

P.P.S. Mom claims she will be busy this weekend with B-Day activities so she may be comment less.


  1. Mmmm, whipped cream. That and icecream are the only human foods I like.

  2. Now that sounds alright! Whipped cream and Ice cream! I haven't tried any human food!

  3. Go for it Fin! You know I steal food with no shame whatsoever...even fruits and vegetables. You should see me turn into a Tasmanian She Devil Kitty when chick-hen is around. Mom says I must post about my food obsession soon...okay...again.

  4. Well, Fin, you already heard my food-stealing story about the tomato...I never did get around to telling the story about when I stole a chicken breast off the counter...I'll save that for another day!


    Happy Birthday to your dad! Of course you should celebrate with some whipped cream!

  5. Happy Birthday to your dad!! Surely he will share some whipped cream with you....

  6. Mmmm whipped cream, the best kind of cream there is.

    Happy Birthday to your daddy!

  7. Happy Birthday to your dear daddy, Fin! We hope he's feeling marvellous today and you all are enjoying this special day. Now, where's that whipped cream?
    Purrs, LSIF and LSIHF

  8. You are such a lady when it comes to getting tidbits of dinner times to nibble on and, yes, we think that stubble counts fur a grooming!

  9. Happy birthday to your dad! I hope you get some presents to celebrate :)

    Huffle Mawson

  10. Happy Birthday to your Daddy!

    Whipped cream and ice cream sounds divine!

    Samson only steals potato chips and cookies, but Delilah will take anything if you're not looking (she once took off with a whole salmon filet)

  11. Zoey said she thought it was always proper and appropriate to steal shrimp. Just avoid the poot sauce.
    (Human said she got a really good early a.m. LOL about the "digression" remark)

  12. I'm afraid the figure 8's don't count as grooming.

  13. You're such a ladycat about your "stealing", Fin. ;)

    Happy birthday to the dad!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  14. Happy Birthday to Fin's Daddy!

    I'm sure you'll get some of that stuff, Fin! It should be an easy target with birthday bounty around all weekend!

    Sounds like you're pretty polite about the mooching.

  15. Happy birthday to your dad ~ he's jenneruss to share the cream!

  16. Whipped cream?!?! Really? That sounds nommy!

  17. Fin, sometimes you just have to take what you want - and a lady of your age deserves what she wants!

    Tell your dad we wish him a very Happy Birthday!!

  18. whipped cream, yummy ^^
    happy birthday to your daddy!

  19. You deserve all the table food you can get, Fin!

    Pee Ess: We wish your Dad a very Happy Birthday!

  20. A Lady Cat after my own heart! I love the 'steely determination'--honestly! Gotta love it!


  21. The only food I steal is Temptations! I don't like people food.