Guerrilla Holiday

My Aunt Jennifer has an idea over at her blog that we were so taken with, that we decided to join in and pass it on. Back when I was a kitten my parents used to put up a tree, decorate the house in festive holiday fare, and make a huge dinner. I did my part by snoopervising, and once everything was hung, whapping each and every decoration for quality testing. I also offered my tasting services for any holiday food.

A few years after I arrived at Casa De Housecat, Mom lost her beloved Grandmother. Her Grandmother was the very spirit of Christmas and always made the most wonderful holiday for her family. Once she passed away Mom lost some of the spirit of decking the halls. She still loves this time of year but getting all caught up in the stress of making the "Perfect Holiday" makes her a bit sad too.

Aunt Jenny seems to feel the same way, and came up with an idea to shake off the holiday hum drums. She is suggesting that you think about the things that make your holiday special to you and then find a way to spread the joy to others in the world. She is calling it Guerrilla Holiday, in the tradition of Guerrilla Artists who anonymously spread art in the world. She is going to spread anonymous holiday joy into the world. Well semi-anonymous, as she will be posting about her joy spreading.

Mom and I loved the idea so much we decided to play and to blog about it. We aren't sure what we will do yet, but I'm sure we'll think of something. So friends anyone else want to spread holiday cheer?

Here are some ideas, post about Guerrilla Holiday, put decorations in a public place, give something to kitties or humans in need, or anything that will bring you holiday joy and bring it to others. Now, go make merry!


  1. That DOES sound like a good idea....hmmmmm, what can we do.....

  2. How lovely. Mom always gives to Cats Protection UK at this time of year.

  3. How lovely. Mom always gives to Cats Protection UK at this time of year.

  4. What a wonderful idea!!! Our mom is not too much into the spirit this year. It's the first Christmas without Cal and it just doesn't seem the same without him. This might help to cheer her up!

  5. Oh that is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays! We definitely want to be a part of it!

  6. What a great idea, Fin! We're gonna ask our mom to help us play along!

  7. We love this idea Fin! We love the holidays but they make us a bit sad too, because of our loved ones who are gone now. So we think this is a wonderful idea!

  8. What a beautiful idea! Mom thiks the same of her G~Mom (Mom~Mom) RIP. There so much this time of year that brings memories of Mom~Mom to her and transports her back to the days of when she was a little girl. We are SO gonna spread some cheer. Mom says she's going to make some hanging brid treats for our feathered furriends outside!

  9. That's a wonderful idea, Fin!

    Glogirly really misses her mom and dad this time of year. She likes decorating though because it reminds her of when her she and her mom used to decorate together. And she thinks of her dad everytime the lights give her trouble, because he could always fix those temperamental strings of bright bulbs.

    We are going to put our thinking caps on and come up with something nice to share. Thanks for inspiring us.

    (Glogirly's cat)