Hunt Week - Great White

Hunt Week is here!

Any housecat can tell that it can be challenging to find things to stalk and hunt on "The Inside." Movement is critical for a truly satisfying kill, so I hunt the only acceptable big game in the house - Let's call her The Great White.

The Great White is delightful prey. Sure a tasty bite is always enjoyable, whether it's during a petting session or an occasional nibble on the calf if she takes too long to prepare my meal, but it's the hunt that's the most fun.

I sit poised in the darkened hallway bathroom, waiting to hear the lumbering steps of my prey. I spot my kill as she walk by, tasty white cankles. I run in front of The Great White, startling her and causing her to yelp in surprise. As she continues to walk past me, I throw my front paws around the cankles and hold on tight to try to slow down her progress. A hard bite isn't likely to bring her down, and it's been known to end the game right where it begins, so I resist the urge.

Will she be able to break the hold of my paws of doom? Yes - she breaks free and scurries to the bedroom doorway. The Great White turns to face her furry opponent. I reach up to my full height on my back paws as I hug the doorframe with my front paws. I slide, menacingly, down the doorframe to a pounce position.

"You think you can take me, little cat?" The Great White asks in a mocking tone.

"Mew!" I answer with confidence.

"Let's do this." She says as she darts and weaves toward me her hands waving about.

I make an unexpected break for it, and run through Dad's office. I hear her chuckle as she thinks I've run in defeat, but she has forgotten that the office feeds into the living room and then back to the same hallway which now lays behind her. She is still taunting me, as she waits for a frontal attack, when I leap onto the calf from behind. I flip onto the floor and twist to give some light bunny kicks to the leg.

"You got me!" The Great White squeals in horror. She reaches down and defends herself the only way she can now, a hearty neck scritch. All is forgiven in the happy hunting ground.

If you wanna play just post about hunting anything you like at your place this week. Happy Hunting Friends!


  1. haha! Your comment about Grete's mug shot made us laugh!

    Pee Ess...bunny kicking shins is awesome good fun!

  2. Ha Fin!!!
    You're cracking Glogirly up! ...and giving me some valuable tips and ideas, so thanks!

    Now that I've finally finished GG's party update report I can devote my full attention (after catching up on napping, grooming and eating) to my hunting.

    Good luck with the Great White.

    (Glogirly's cat)

  3. Lola loves hunting mum bean, especially when she's getting ham out of the fridge. Only Lola doesn't aim for the shins. Instead she takes a flying leap and then attaches herself to mum's bottom! It makes mum make some very funny noises!

  4. I don't hunt my mum or dad. I'll see what I can dig up this week though.

  5. You made Mommy snort coffe out of her nose.
    Thanks for that Fin, it was an awesome site!

  6. Saylor starts hunting our mom at 5:00am every morning. She gives her some biteys on the hand, shoulder, toes, etc....

  7. That was great Fin! Lots of action!!! We have out hunt post up today!

    Purrs Banshee

  8. Good job, Fin! You are very skilled at hunting Great Whites! Snafu hunts his humans, and occasionally I'll get a good soft paw whapping from Angus, but they mostly hunt each other....or bugs. Like the post I just happened to post today, Mancat Monday, of Owen hunting Ladybugs. Check him out!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  9. Haha! Your description of the hunt made it feel like we were right there with you, Fin!!

    We'll try to get a hunt post up this week!

  10. You described it purrfectly, Fin! Maybe I'll ask Mom to describe how Bonnie Underfoot, Attack Tabby, bloodied Mom's legs efurry day fur weeks!
    Nina an I was playin last nite an she pounced me so I jumped STRAIGHT UP 2 feets into da air! We hunt eachofur.

  11. Wow, great hunting, Fin! I usually wait for my prey to come to me and then give the Bitey.

  12. What a great idea for a theme this week Fin! We don't do a lot of hunting (the great white at our house is popular though) but I think we can try to find something to post (we hope so at least!)

    Your post was wonderful as always!!

  13. Fin, you could be a famous author, that story is fantastic!!

  14. We love your hunt story, Fin! You're too funny!