Aliens Attack - The Screenplay

Fade In: Interior Bedroom: Early morning light comes through the drapes as we see two humans in a tall bed. The male and female are snoring loudly. Under the sound of the snore we begin to hear the drone of the Evil Alien Eye.

Evil Alien Eye (evil-like): Buuuuuuzzzzz

The Evil Alien Eye (EAE) shifts it's eye from left to right and back again as it searches for our heroine Fin. Fin sits nervously at the mouth of the bedroom door (just out of sight of the EAE). She looks at the light coming from the window and notices it is getting brighter. She paces nervously. She scoots quietly farther into the room and checks to make sure she is still not in EAE's vision.

Fin (timidly): Meow... [there is no response from the humans and she checks to make sure the EAE is not able to see her] MEOW!

Still no response from her human parents. We see our heroine crouch low to the ground and scuttle quickly by the EAE on it's dresser perch. She is still safe from it's evil glare.

EAE (louder as it senses the presence of our heroine): BBBBUUUUUUZZZZZ!

Fin: MEOW! MEEEE-OOOOOWWWWWW! [still the humans sleep on]

Fin sees the light is even brighter and rightfully senses it won't be long before the Evil Noisy Box on the bed stand will come to life and attack her sleeping Mother. She must make her move now. She moves quickly to the foot of the bed and leaps up onto the bed. She races down the side of her Mother, using her as a shield.

Fin (yelling and pushing her sweet paw on Mom's face): MEW, MEW!!

Mom (sitting up quickly): Huh? What? Finny? [Mom scoops Finny up in her arms, and turns towards the EAE. Fin begins to flail] See sweetie you don't need to be scared, it's just a heater. See how warm it is?

Fin breaks free of the hold and races back to the safety of the hall. Mom hits the Evil Noisy Box into submission, at least that danger has been adverted. She watches in horror as Mom gets up and walks closer to the EAE.

Fin: MEEEEWW! Run Mom! Run!

Mom grabs the EAE by it's throat and chokes it until it's eye stops glowing. Mom and Fin walk into the kitchen for a celebratory meal, leaving Dad and EAE alone. The light begins to glow again...

EAE (quietly yet with menace): Buzzzz

Fade Out


  1. Y-y-y-your mom....picked it up and choked it? She saved all of your lives!!!! What an amazing mom you have Fin!

  2. Are you thinking movie, or Broadway musical?

  3. Your mum is brave, but a little bit careless to leave your dad alone with that thing.

  4. scary! Might just be worth trying to befriend the alien? you never know it could be in your interest!

  5. Fin, WHAT an exciting and terrifying story! We LOVE it! But be careful of the EAE, it is still very dangerous. You should give your mom a head butt for being so brave.

  6. This kind of horror story needs an Adult Rating. Is your Mom gripped by the power of the EAE or something? Or is she just hotter than than the alien?

    (who is NOT going out in the snow)

  7. Yay! Your mom saved you from that EAE!! We just hope your dad is okay....

  8. We're happy your Mom is capable of beating that EAE into submission (if at least for a few minutes). Hopefully she'll realize its evil intentions before it's too late!

  9. Good thing you were there to protect your Mom, Fin! How brave you are!

  10. Huh. Is your Mom a Super Hero? Only S Hs can subdue evil things.

  11. Huh. Is your Mom a Super Hero? Only S Hs can subdue evil things.

  12. Wow, had me worried there for a minute!

  13. Crikey! That had us on the edge of our seats. We are really worried now though. You said you mum choked it, but after you went out of the bedroom it started to buzz and glow again. We think it is now a zombie EAE.

  14. That is really scary if Mom choked that alien and then it came back to life. It must really be an alien. Watch out Fin and do be careful. Please don't get too close to it.

  15. ack! that would have been a perfect story for Halloween. evil eye! evil orangy red eye. Don't let the heat fool you, it is just trying to lull you into a false sense of security so it can eat you.

    hey Fin, your mommy is tough. Bendrix bows to her choaking skills

  16. Fin, you are very brave. It's a pity your humans don't seem to realise how evil EAE is.

    (Our Humans would like to add that they loved this post - well written and made them laugh)

  17. Fin, you saved the mommy, maybe the world, maybe even the universe. You should have a country named after you.

  18. Hi, Fin! I scooted on over from my bloggy and am so impressed by your stories and photos. You are one talented feline!

    - Veruca

  19. Hmm, maybe all the mummy's need to form an army to save the earth?

    Oh wait, then who would feed us and clean the litter???


  20. You are quite the novelist, Fin! And if we saw what you saw, we woulda been skeert too!