Ups and Downs

It's only a few days into 2010 and already it's been a mixture of highs and lows. Mom and I enjoyed our birthday weekend and we really enjoyed all the young pictures of our old friends and new ones too.

Seeing and reading about the start of so many lives made the loss of another one of our friends even more sad and unsettling. I don't mean to question you in all your wisdom Bast, but I sure wish you didn't have to take any more of my friends to the Rainbow Bridge. I know there are times when you need extra special kitties (most recently, my sweet Whicky's sister Angel) but it sure does make us sad when they leave us. I still had so much to learn from her.

I know my friends are happy and well at the bridge, with you to look over them, but I miss them. I know their people miss them even more.Someday I know I will have to leave my home and go meet the ones that came before me, and I'm okay with that, but I worry about Mom and Dad.

As I'm sure you saw - they were both so sleepy on New Years Day that they both got up to feed me my special treats within an hour of each other. I don't need to tell you how hysterical they got when they realized I'd doubled my treat consumption for the morning. They even called that crackpot VET to make sure I could have two treats! Are you kidding? If a grannycat wants an extra Fin Pocket on her birthday and they freak out... can you imagine the state they will be in when something happens to me?

So I guess,  we all do our part. Those of us here on earth take care of our people, and from the bridge, the ones that come before us, guide us on how to care for our people. It gives me peace to know that I will be able to guide the ones that come after me. After all who else will teach some kitten the proper techniques to wake up Mom at 4:30am?


  1. Oh Fin...
    you have a way of making Glogirly all gooey and weepy. ...in a good way she keeps telling me.

    You are a very wise cat. I'm happy that although we may never meet, we can talk and blog and laugh and mew together for what I hope will be many years.

    Your friend,
    (Glogirly's cat)

  2. ::Secret Mom Communication. Look away kitties:: I realized I didn't mention that in the panic of double pilling (yes Virginia, there are pills in those treats) the Vet's office said it would be fine since she is on a low dose of her hyperthyroid medicine. I just had to skip her evening dose.

    So now I'm going to get a daily pill minder for my girl. A true member of the family now.

    Hope all your furry ones stay well and your non-furry ones too.


  3. Fin, you made my mom have weepy eyes with this post. I am also a senior kitty and I have worked hard to train my mom. I know she will have a very hard time when something happens to me.

  4. Fin, I learned alot from Scooter, the one that came before me when he was here. Sometimes I think he's still teaching me from the bridge...

    We were sad to hear about Angel too...she was a tough old girl that had been through alot and we know her humans and Whicky and the other kitties will miss her....


    (p.s. from Island Cats' mom...I'm glad all is okay with Fin...I would have been panicked too!)

  5. Fin, we are so glad you are ok! Mom and dad got one of those pill reminder boxes you can buy at the drug store so when we've needed meds, mom and dad won't screw it up.

    We were so sad about Angel and my Monday post is about my angel Mikey who is at the Bridge. I tried to get him out of the computer cause I didn't understand he couldn't come out. Stuff like that makes mom weepy.

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR FIN! We are so glad you are OK. We also have had our highs & lows.....New Years day we thought OBI had come for Luke. He will be 13 this month but Mom really hopes Luke will be here for a bit longer. Out came the pedialyte and Mom put Luke on Wellness......yesterday he improved and today he is even better so we are relieved. Mom swears by pedialyte when we are sick.
    Fin, when a family member or furend leaves to cross the bridge we all feel sad but someday we will all go home and be a happy together. You have a loving Mom & Dad taking care of you Fin=^Y^=

  7. I am pretty sure that the things you have learnt, you will be able to teach to your successors Fin.

  8. Noo year is always a time for reflection. We feel sad abowt those at the Bridge too. And sad abowt Angel too. Nuff said.

  9. Fin dear, you made us all wet eyed again with your elegant and tender thoughts. Angel will be keeping an eye on all cats, she was always one to supervise and make sure that younger cats knew how to do things the right way.

    Thank you so much for caring about us. The shock set in yesterday and the apes are very forlorn. I'll be performing some cheery antics* later to help them smile.

    Wuudles xx

    *mainly stealing fuuds and duffing up Gerry.

  10. You made Momma all mushy! That's such a sweet post. Alice and I are almost the same age but we know in the years to come there will be a new kitten on the block that we'll have to teach all the secrets to.

  11. Thanks Fin, you are really so very wise!

  12. Oh Fin, such a sweet and sad post. Mommy does not like to even think about times in the future but you are right, we all do our part and the circle of life continues.
    ps - I am glad you are OK after the double "treats"

  13. Fin--a bittersweet post, as Tommy says. You so speak the truth. And one day--yet not this day. I have alot to learn from YOU!


  14. Such a wonderful post, Fin. We were very sad to learn of Angel running off to the bridge.

  15. Even though we had never met Angel, we had met her ape, and we were really sad for her. Angel must have been a wonderful girl.

    We don't know what the trouble with two Fin treats is...especially on your birthday!

  16. We're sad to hear about Angel, though we didn't know her; Whicky has been very kind to us with Bugsy's troubles and our loss of Callie. Your post today is very touching, Miss Fin, you have such a way with words.

    We're glad to hear your 'double treat' incident wasn't serious! We don't get the problem, it's just treats....right?

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

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  18. We were very sad when we heard Angel had gone to the Bridge. We miss all our friends who have gone before.
    We are glad that two of your special treats didn't cause you any problems.

  19. Fin, this is a fantastic post. Mommy says she understands your bean's freak out but I don't. After all, a treat is a treat. I must have missed something.

    We are so sad Angel went to the Bridge. We are glad we know so many kitties and woofies who will welcome us when it is my time to go. We are also glad for all our friends who will comfort my beans (mommy and daddy will be a hot mess) until we meet again.

    Im with you Fin, someone has to train the "newbies" in the art of waking up the beans and getting treats.

  20. PS happy happy belated birthday to you and your mommy! we are sorry we missed the big day. i was around 2 when i was rescued so we enjoy the extra cute kitten pictures of our friends. purrrrrrs

  21. Yes, Fin, we all miss our loved ones that are at the Bridge but one day we will see them again and it will be wonderful, just wonderful!

    But, right now, a lot of us need to stay here to take care of our momma's and dadda's and to keep the rest of the world 'in line' if you know what we mean☺

  22. What a lovely post. Somehow this time of year is a time for reflection and remembering. It's sad that Angel had to go to the Bridge and also sad that beautiful Charybdis went there too.

  23. Fin, we loved this post because we feel the same way - we miss all of our friends at the bridge very much. We hope that maybe we can have a break from our friends leaving for a while!

    We are so mad we missed your birthday the other day - things are so crazy here sometimes! So we wanted to wish you a very happy but belated birthday from all of us!!

  24. Mom got all leaky while readin gyour sweet post. Angel is really an angel now and we all will be someday too. It's a good thing but a little sad for the beans.

  25. Those are some very thoughtful thoughts, Fin. We're sad for Angel's family too:(
    Luckily, only our Mom hands out the treats and pills around here!

  26. A thoughtful post, Fin, and very well said. Mom and us have cried mamy tears when a dear furriend went to the Rainbow Bridge. We have to cherish each other every day and not take us for granted.
    Mom, can we get treats now? Hehehehehe.
    Purrs, LSIF & LSIHF

  27. You are a very smart cat, not letting on about the extra FinPocket, hahameow