I've Been Played

Yes friends I've been played. Not in the way that my parents have gotten one over on me, cause really what are the chances of that?

No, played like an instrument.

When I am enjoying my sip from the bathroom faucet I've come to enjoy some petting action from Mom. Some of it is delightful and I sing out my mews of joy "Yes, Yes!" while some of the action is forbidden and I sing out my displeasure "No, No!" and of course there is also the "Not There!"

At first I thought the combination of pets and scritches was random... then I noticed it took on a certain... melodic quality. After a day or two I began to notice a definite pattern. She was playing me... to the tune of Heart and Soul I think.

No, No, No,
Not There, Not There,  No, No
Yes, Yes, Yes
That's the spot Mommy,
Yeeesss, Yes,
Don't touch my tocks, No, No!


  1. Our Mom does the same thing! It\s a conspiracy!

  2. Good Cod! We thought our Mommy was the only one who did this.


  3. Uh...I think we're all being played!

  4. Oh, no, it's a conspiracy!!...Enjoy the day, beautiful girl...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Yes the secret is out, many of us love to play tunes on our felines and sing a little too. Sometimes I sing beautiful boy to Spider or Smudge when they have a cuddle.

  6. We larfed and larfed at this ~ our mom does it too!

  7. Don't let my Mom get this idea. The problem for me is that Yes spots turn into No spots, even "I bite you" spots. So I keep MOm guessing.

  8. My mum doesn't do this... but that might be because I don't let her brush me.

  9. My mommy laughed.

    I hope this hasn't given her ideas. . .

  10. We hope she doesn't start singing along next...

  11. Hey, I can name that tune in 3 meows!

  12. LOL, We have our Mom trained not to do the No NO places. She gets a very naughty look when she does. Course we aren't available very much since we have to take care of the whole outside world. But she has learned which spots on which cats work.
    Have a fantastic day Fin and Mom.

  13. You got mom laughing. I think she is plotting something now. Lots of love, Holly

  14. Oh thanks, Fin for mentioning this. My human NEVER thought of doing something like that... until now.

  15. That is too funny! Our mom can't predict our sounds enough to play a tune, but she knows that if she pets us at certain times (like just as she's returning home) we will let out a loud, extended meow.

  16. Fin
    When Momma scritches me on a spot I don't like -- I nip her.

    It works effectively!



  17. My goodness Fin, you truly are talented.

    Your friend,

    PS. I don't like my 'tocks touched, either!