Ho Hum

Well the hots are back with a vengeance this week. It's 110 today and the rest of the week doesn't promise to be much of an improvement. We are all like slugs here.

On weeks like this it's hard to muster any excitement at all, but there are a lot of cool things about living in the desert so I thought I'd tell you about some of those.

  • I've NEVER had a flea. We don't have them here and since I'm a native Las Vegan cat (and no one here is a native) I have no idea what it would be like to have them.
  • It gets pretty cold here in the winter, in my life it's snowed at my house about 4 times. A couple of years ago it snowed 8 inches here and shut the city DOWN.
  • My parents keep the A/C on at all times in the summer, so I'm always comfy. You can feel the heat baking in the windows. It gets windy too, and it feels like a hair dryer.
  • We have no Squirrels, Chipmunks, or Deer (Mom is pretty sad about this fact - She LOVES squirrels and would like some sent straight away for a backyard population explosion).
  • Mom and Dad like that it's a quiet little town that has lots of big city stuff to do, if they are in the mood for it.
  • You can gamble EVERYWHERE including the grocery store and the gas station. My parents almost never gamble, and not surprisingly they never win money either.
What cool things do you like about your town?


  1. Fin, I quite enjoyed reading about your home town! Wow -- no fleas! Wish we could say that....We get the humidity AND the high heat here, so it is really the worst of both worlds for us in the summer. We are definitely running the AC all the time. We do have lots of squirrels tho -- & lots of other wildlife in our neighborhood, like possums, raccoons, owls, hawks. There are even coyotes and bobcats that live in the creek bottoms that run throughout various of the residential areas of the city. Kitties have to be WAY careful there!! Interesting how wildlife adapts to urban areas!

  2. Wow, you've seen SNOW?! I never have. It hailed a whole lot one year and my human tried to get me to check out a big pile of it on the deck of our old house - nothing doing! I ran away from all those cold rocks!

    Honestly, I'm not sure what I might like about the town I live in, since I never get a chance to go out anywhere, being an indoor-only kitty.

  3. Fin,
    We like the desert! You summed up our town pretty well. The only thing--Mommy wishes there were more public museums like Chicago.

    We have our Scafflaw photos ready to go...Mommy has a MAJOR offense documented!

  4. We love our town because everything grows here! It's a Jonesie paradise!

    There are gardens and parks everywhere...but we do have fleas.

  5. No fleas or squirrels! Wow! I definitely have them here in the humid South. We have lots of green trees and grass and tend to have thunder showers frequently every summer afternoon. We rarely get snow and have been know to run the AC in the winter.

  6. Those are some interesting facts that give us a perspective about your life. No fleas is good. You can have some of OUR chipmunks: good Cod, they have made a labyrinth of our lawn. Mind you, they are super cute.

    I hope things cool down for you soon.

  7. Thanks for sharing the interesting facts about yoor home city.

    Mom and Dad have been to Las Vegas and stayed on the strip ~ but they are not gamblers either. They said it was fascinating to observe though. They said it was like everyone gambled ~ even the taxi driver they used admitted he was addicted to gambling; he said he spent every minute of his spare time playing the slots ~ and couldn't survive without his winnings as he didn't make enough as a taxi driver.

  8. Interesting reading and if mum likes Squirrels I reckon she should check out Spiders impersonation of one!!!

  9. Wow, you are so lucky Fin not to have any fleas but it is sad, no squirrels or deer. We have lots of those here. We live in a small town and Mom doesn't like it much here. She loves our place but is not crazy about the town. But she has been spoiled from living in Charleston that is a wonderful place on the coast with lots of rivers and creeks.
    Hope you have a great day Fin. Try to stay cool.

  10. Wow, NO fleas??!! That is so cool. We have plenty of fleas AND ticks so we have to have that icky stuff put on us.
    We live between two towns, both kinda boring...Momma calls this area a "cultural and eco-aware void in the universe". But it's nice that we live in the country with acres and acres of woods to play in!

  11. I will do a special post next week about why I like my town.

  12. We don't live in a town - just a larger village which is fairly quiet. The nearest motorway is about a mile away and when the wind blows from that direction we can hear the traffic whizzing along when we're outside. We also saw plenty of snow last winter - and mum had to do lot's of digging to get the car in and out the garage!! Poor mum - we're just grateful that we're cats and don't have shovels ha ha!!

  13. We have lots of squirrels and fleas here....want us to pack some squirrels up and mail them to you?

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  14. Even the supermarket?! Wow!

    We like that we have so many bright beautiful birdies where we live. Our favourites are the lorikeets, because they are so pretty and they are so cheeky.

  15. The no flea thing is pretty awesome, Fin! We have had a bad case of super mutant fleas the past three years, and after reading that my mom is tempted to become your new next door neighbor.

    The cool thing about where I live? Well, I can tell your mom that there are TONS of squirrels in our yard. My mommy encourages it by feeding them. They often taunt me from my own front porch . . .

  16. That was very interesting! Our town is very pretty and has a wonderful downtown area. Oh yea, we've got squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, geese and ducks!

  17. Hi, Fin, we enjoyed reading about your town...There are lots of squirrels here, but we are getting ready to move into a new house next month and Mom is busy packing up our stuff...Hope you have a great week, beautiful girl...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. Hi Fin! That was some interesting stuff to learn about Las Vegas - we had no idea there were no fleas or squirrels, or deers there. We knew it was hot there though!

    Hm, what do we like about our town? That our vet is in a different one, and that our mom and dad are here!

  19. That was interesting. Mum has never seen cat fleas on us, but if we get too close to a bunny, we get their fleas all around the edge of our ears. We have lots of wildlife: deer, squirrels, badgers, rabbits, foxes, hedgehogs and moles. None of them are very dangerous although we have to keep clear of the foxes and badgers just to be careful.
    When our Beans were in Las Vegas last yera, they were surprised when they saw the slot machines in the grocery stores. They stayed one block back from the strip (Desert Rose)because they wanted to be able to escape all the noise and lights when they went to bed.

  20. That's really interesting! No fleas! Wow!!! We have lots of fleas outside almost all year long. It's very hot here too and humid. We like living close to the Blue Ridge Parkway which is a great place to get away from the city. Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  21. NO FLEAS? I'm movin', Fin! Well, I better not, Tommy would be all sad and act silly if I hit the road to the a town where you can gamble at the gas station..Exxon or Chevron? :)

    In Dallas, it's cool to countdown the days to the start of the Cowboys' season. Then it's cool sit in the windows while the a/c cools us off--and it's cool for Tommy to drive to PetsMart to go get some Fancy Feast Appetizers...


  22. Holy smokes Batman -- NO FLEAS!

    Wow we don't really get fleas but they are in abundance in our neck of the woods here in Northern Florida.

    The neatest thing about our town is that we have a BIG pond -- called the Atlantic Ocean.

    It's cool and not so cool.
    Not so cool right now as in HURRICANES...bad bad bad.

    The cool part is being so close and again that's the bad part too this time of the year.

    WE have the 'hots' here nearly year around. At least 10 months out of the year it is hot. We hardly have any season but summer.

    Unfortunately Momma hates summer -- but heck she was born here. I don't know why she hasn't gotten used to it.



  23. Fin, it's interesting that you call Las Vegas a small town because we think most people who don't live there think of it as a crazy place...y'know, Sin City and all. What do we like about our town? Well, it's an island and we think that's pretty cool!!

  24. Oh Fin we can sends your mommy lots of squeerils! We has grey ones and black ones!
    Mine mommy sais only thing she not likes about your city is how dry it is. She sais she gets off the plane and her nose starts to hurt acause of the dries!
    Anyway, we likes your report about your city. Maybe we can come visits some time!