2:30AM Valentines Day

Mom: Ug. I don't feel so hot. 

Fin: Mom? Are you up? That's great, cause I was feeling a little peckish.

Mom: I think I'm gonna be sick... Yep.

Mom runs to the restroom with darling Fin following behind. Unspeakable noises come from the restroom. 

Fin: Mom? Are you okay in there?

Mom: Uhhhh, I think I'm dying. 

Fin: Again? Weren't you sick just last week? Well, okay. Anyway, I see you're busy right now, but when you're done can you drop by my dish and fill er up?

Mom: Get your dad, I think I'm dying.

Fin: Good idea. He'll feed me. 

I've spent the last two days being nurse maid Fin. Thank Cod she's getting better. It hasn't been easy, what with all the moaning, but Mom's been so hot with fever she's been a pleasure to sleep on. 

I know, I'm selfless, but that's what you do when you love someone.


  1. Oh Fin, you're Mom has had a bad run of the yuckies, make sure she takes really good care of herself!

  2. Iz so sorry your mama iz sick again. I knowz its diffikult for you dear Fin but Iz feeling bad for your mom. Sending purrs and *softpaw* so her will feel betters soon.

  3. Aaahh...Nurse Fin, purrrlease take good care of your mom. Knead....errr....massage her well too, OK? purrr....meow!

  4. urgh...sickies are Not Good. Cuz your Mom might not feed you stinky goodness cuz it's, well, STINKY.
    Flu, fudz poisoning? Too much booze? Either way, we're glad you got extra snuggly heat Fin.
    We'll send some purrs around the valley to your Mom to feel better soon.

  5. Oh your poor mom! Good thing she has you to take care of her Fin!

  6. You mean your human doesn't thrash around in agony, making it impossible to take advantage of her extra-added warmth? That's what mine does.

    P.S. My selfish human said she thinks you and I are awful, Fin, and says she hopes your human is back to normal soon!

  7. Aw, poor Fin's mom! We hope she's better soon!

  8. Purrs, purrs, purrs for mom to get well soon. Look after mom, Fin! You do need her to get better for those early morning feed.

    BTW, just between us (meanie) SIFs, everyone dies someday. So, your mom is stating the obvious when she says 'I'm dying'.

  9. Erm Fin ... a bit more sympathy for yor mom would be good. MOL! We are sending get well purrs.

  10. Fin you certainly are a selfless cat. Your Mom is so blessed to have you. But I guess you have to tell her that all the time as she is a human and will tend to be a bit ungrateful- and thoughtless too to get so sick.

    I hope she does the decent thing and recovers soon xx

  11. Your mum would feel so much worse without you around Finny!

  12. Oh your poor mum! We are sending lots of purrs for her to continue feeling better.

  13. Fancy not feeding you first Fin - these mums are so selfish at times - it's all me me me. Thank goodness she at least kept you warm while you were napping - it's the least she could do. Have an extra nap today - all that nursing does make us lady cats weary.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  14. Gosh Fin, poor Mom really does sound very sick. You need to try to be nice to her Fin. We are sending tons of purrs that she will get better soon. Sure doesn't sound like much fun.Take care.

  15. Oh poor mom! Please get well soon!

  16. We sure hope your Mom gets all better soon.

  17. hummm...fever you say? hope mom gets better soon!

  18. We hope your mum soon feels better Fin. We would hate for your routine to be disrupted.

  19. We are so sorry your Mom isn't feeling well. Hope she feels better soon.

    And we do hope your Daddy feed you.

  20. Ohhh nooo!! We don't want your Mommy to be sick!
    We sure hope she is feeling better soon.
    You are wonderful Fin to take such good care of your Mom, I am sure your Daddy is taking good care of you too!
    ((((hugs)))) to your Mom! Love, Caren and Cody

  21. OH NOES! Your mom is still sickies? I hope she gets better all at once and right NOW!

  22. wot? get well soon, both of youns.

  23. Oh, hope your Mom is feeling better. :( Sending warm thoughts.

  24. Dear Fin, I'm on duty same as you...Lucky my mom feel better today. But I think your mom still want to do lots of nap. Please tell her take it easy !!!


  25. Poor Fin!
    Me hates it when Mommy gets sick, cuz Daddy is not the best at anticipating or needs. He even gives us tinned food without real chiken on top and he does not warm it up!
    Hope your Mommy gets better soon
    Kitty Kisses

  26. Fin,

    We're sure sorry your mom hasn't been feeling up to her regular self. I mean, a fever and all. Yuk.

    But how lucky she is to have you at her side, helping to take care of her.

    Now, though, we think you ought to wear one of those mask things or something to help you steer clear of the germies!