Purrformance Review

Fin: Mom, please take a seat. Now, as is traditional, I will sit on you during your review.

Mom: Fin, can you get your tail out of my face?

Fin: I'm just settling in... now, during your last review, I was a little worried I was gonna have to let you go.

Mom: What?

Fin: Well circumstances have changed, and I'm happy to report that I've decided to keep you on. I know it's a tough economy. I see you've really been trying over the last year and even though there are, em, areas of improvement, overall I'm pleased.

Mom: Well thanks sweetie, I'm glad you're pleased. You know I worked really hard getting your book published. Wait, areas of improvement?

Fin: Yes. I'd like to see you spend more time marketing, blogging, commenting, snuggling, supervising my porch time, feeding me, and of course starting to write our next book.

Mom: Wow. You know that's a lot of time, and I still have my regular job too.

Fin: Yeah I've been thinking about that and it seems like a real stressful time waster. I'd like to see you dump it so you can focus more on me.

Mom: Well, I'd love that too, but they pay me and you, not so much. That money keeps us in litter and kibble. So I think it's gonna have to stay in the line up.

Fin: Well alright then, let's put a pin in that for now. Let's keep up the good work. You know, if you provide neck scritches during your next review, you may even get a bonus.


  1. Dear Fin,
    You are so nice !..My mom tried to do big eyes ( she is Asian : ) when she heard about " A Bonus " !!!!

  2. Heh. I see your human was fishing for an undeserved raise. Mine does that all the time too.

  3. Fin,
    No neck scritches = no bonus. Good thinking, Watson. purrrr.....meow!

  4. MOL! Fin that was excellent ~ yoo had that review under yoor paw right from the get go!

  5. You were much more gentle on your mum than I was!

  6. Great review Fin. Glad you gave that Mom a good review. Hope all of you have fun week end.

  7. HI Fin,
    It's good that you can put your paw down and keep your Mom in line. Sometimes I hafto 'retrain'
    my humans on certain things, too. Oh well. I hope you have a great weekend!


  8. Fin, we tried to get our mom to quit that day job thingey, too...but we like food better....

  9. At least your Mom spends her time getting green papers for kibble and litter....our Mom plays stupid games on Facebook.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  10. Fin I think you gave a really good review!

    It is hard for your Mom to do all of the extra things when she does have a job too!

    We think her plan of starting her next book is an excellent one!

  11. Of Fin is your mom playing you up again - we thought you had her under your paw but these moms are very secretive - our disappeared for ages ths morning - she's lucky we'd already posted her review so it was too late to downgrade her!
    luv Hannah and Lucy
    ps make sure your book is the top of her "to do" list because mums are great "putter-offers until later" people.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. What is it with our humans and their day jobs? They need to get their priorities straight. Surely there must be a better way to earn kibble and litter money!

  13. Glad that you are keeping your mom on for another year. You have a lot of time invested in training and you wouldn't want to start all over again.
    Good decision!

  14. gol-danged ratty stupid dern day jobs!
    Your Mom would have gotten full marks if not for the green paper thing.
    Fin, when your tail was in your Mom's face, was she able to perform a full "inspection"? We enjoy showing our Mommy the "Third Eye Blind".

  15. I knew you would be totally fair Fin, and that was really a great review!

  16. Fin, yous is a slave driver! That's a good thing doing what yous do!

  17. Might get a bonus? That's promising. So glad you didn't fire her.

  18. Oh, dear! I'm not letting the cat kids read this! I'm afraid they would want to give OUR mom a purrformance review. And I'm frankly not sure how she'd fare!

  19. Fin
    Very good assessment!
    But we do think your Mom has done an outstanding job with her purrfurrmance this year.


  20. You are very generous to your mum Fin. We were rather hard on ours, but it keeps her on her toes.

  21. Fin, you are such a kind kitty to your mom! What an excellent review you gave her!! That's good because she deserves it! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  22. You've got it all figured out!

    I have a great blog I'd love for you to check out, www.PetBlogsUnited.com. It's a wonderful place for pet bloggers to find each other.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  23. Fin, I enjoyed reading your review for your mom! It was fun :-) I would love to dump my job and focus on my boys. But as your mom said, it pays for litter and kibble so I'm keeping it. Your mom is a wonderful mom, Fin :-)

  24. ...not even wasting my time on Glogirly's review this year. Sheesh! Would you believe I finally got her to blog for me? About time!!! Miss you, my friend.

    (Glogirly's Cat)

  25. Good review, Fin. You are so fair, and honest with your mom. She's lucky to have you!