Thursday in the Garden

 ::Three Paw Taps::

Crop Watch 2011

Look what a week gets you... 

Last Thursday

This week.

If you lift the frilly green skirts you'd see there are young zucchini, yella squash, and tomatoes already. These other box is about two weeks behind the other but they are also doing nicely. 

Yes, you may call me Farmer Finny. I know they would not be doing as well without my sniffs. Are there pictures of me performing said sniffs? Oddly no, better luck next week Mom. 

I think I'll be an honorary Garden Master in Jonesie's club in no time.


  1. Good heavens! Theys taking over!
    Yous must have special sniffs

  2. That is pretty impressive! Of course, I have little to report, on account of my black-thumbed human.

  3. Farmer Finny, you are doing an excellent job on those plants. It is all because you are giving them all special sniffs. Soon you will have to set up a stand to sell all your produce.

  4. You've really got quite the green paw going on Fin!

  5. Man! Come over and garden at my house please, Fin! I can't grow anything but sad pansies and leggy rosemary!

  6. Wow Farmer Finny it is amazing how well all your plants are doing - they seem like they got so big so fast! It is definitely the sniffing that is causing the fast growth - we are sure of that!

  7. Make sure your Mom gets your picture when you have your kitty overalls on! Farmer Fin, ha ha ha!

  8. What exactly is in your sniffs, Farmer Finny? Can they counteract a human's black thumb?

  9. Yay, your gardening post is back!!! (Mine never left!)

  10. what is a "grow box" and where do you get one?
    Your veggies are coming along so nicely!
    I am going to do some container gardening this summer (probably not til late May) I am hoping I won't be too late.
    You are making me excited to start!

  11. Farmer Finny, you are doing a fantastic job!! Lot of love, Holly & Mom