Thursday in the Garden

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Well it's been forever since I've wanted to be a true feline gardener in my friend Jonsie's society. Sure I have a sparse garden of shrubs, cactus and trees, but Mom and I have always longed for a true veggie garden after seeing Jonsie's amazing garden. Our first effort didn't end well - turns out putting a glass over a tomato sprout in the desert sun isn't a good idea.

For at least a year now Her Cheapness has lusted after the Garden Patch Grow Box. They are small and have this water well at the bottom so she can't over or under water. She had her finger on the buy button last year when Dad mentioned there could be bugs. My dreams were dashed, even when I promised to kill any bugs. This year I demanded she click the button. Two boxes arrived and Mom raced out to buy some plants.

This was after a week, and below is today, about 10 days later.

Freaky right?

Through some computer glitch, two more boxes arrived, and they let Mom keep them for free! (Yes she was really THAT excited about it!). She raced out and started a few more plants. Here is how they look now.

Can't wait to see what they look like soon. I had planned to add catnip to the crop but since I am already running some kind of kitty flophouse on My Porch, I don't want to encourage anycat... Casa De Yardcat indeed.

My parents will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary this weekend and are going to be kicking up their heels. So posting and/or commenting will be spotty this weekend.


  1. Fin,
    Catnip is a must have. Then spread some repellant stuffs for the other cats. What are you planning to get for your pawrents? Are you planning a party? purrr....meow!

  2. We love our nip Finny...but uh...we do um have quite a few feline family members. I'm sure the nip in the yard had nothing do do it. Maybe.

  3. You can solve the catnip problem quite easily - grow it inside! That way, Fin, you are the ONLY kitty who will be privvy to it.

  4. WOW! We are impressed wiv the boxes ~ such a good idea.

    Happy anniversary to your beans ~ it's our beans' wedding anniversary tomorrow too! 20 years since they met, 17 years since they got married!

  5. Congrats to your parents on their anniversary.

    We loves those planters.

    Ah, we kinda think Mittens is cute. You should join forces with him. The humans wouldn't be able to withstand the combined demands of the two of you.

  6. Happy Anniversary to the terrific rents of Fin. Fin, are you going to kick up your paws too??
    Those plants look so good. We can't wait til next week to see the progress.
    Too bad you aren't growing any catnip. Even our Mom is growing that.

  7. Happy anniversary to your mom and dad - have you got them a present (no not a hairball present please Fin)!!
    Your plants are looking well - we hope there will be at least 3 containers of nip for you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Happy anniversary to your parents!
    Your plants look fantastic.

  9. Good luck with your garden pots. Happy Anniversary to you beans!

  10. HI Fin! We think those boxes are very cool - we can see why your mom was so excited to get the two "bonus" boxes! It looks like they do a great job - maybe even our mom could grow stuff in them (though to be fair her brown thumb isn't entirely her fault). But we do think you were smart to skip the nip - why encourage bad behavior at the flophouse?

  11. Happy 20th Anniversary!!! That is a great day to celebrate!! We love the plants in the boxes! Lots of love, Holly and mom


  13. Your crops are lookin' great!! I'm so happy you are doing this. Isn't it fun?! Those plants sure do look happy!
    Happy anniversary you guys! I love you so much!

  14. Wow! 2 more boxez showin up like dat must be an Omen ^..^
    Efurythin lookz really good.... can't wait to see da other boxes growed up :)

    Concatz to da Beanz ~


  15. Congrats on your garden Fin, that is 100% more than I have! Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!!!!

  16. Feline Flophouse indeed! That Mittens would be eating all YOUR nip, Fin.

    Those boxes look great...and what a deal to get two extra for free. Mommy is interested to see how they do. All we grow here is nip and herbs.

    Happy Anniversary to your folks! Mommy says she need to buy them a drink, soon!

  17. Those are pretty neat! Me thinks maybe we should have got some of those! My poor catnip plants is dying....
    PS My Mommy says we should wish your Mommy and Daddy happy anniversary!

  18. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad! :)

    And those grow boxes look awesome ... we may just have to look into those!

  19. That's a pretty cool garden there, Fin! Happy Anniversary to your humans!! We hope they have a nice time kicking their heels up.

  20. I told Mom we should join the Society of Feline Gardners as she like to grow flowers. She also goes around taking pictures of other peoples flowers. Mom was thinking of tomatoes too since they are getting might high in the price range now. Happy Anniversary to your Pawrents and may they have a great time kicking up their heels.

    We want to Thank you very much for your Sympathies, purrs and prayers for Patches, it was greatly appreciated. We do miss her, especially Mom.


  21. The garden is looking good, Finny! Happy anniversary to your parents.

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  23. Great garden, and happy anniversary to your mom and dad and happy mom's day too!

  24. Your garden looks great!!

    Happy 20th anniversary to your parents!