Full Tummy Tuesday

Fin: Dad, where's Mom? She's late and it's time for my dinner, this is critical.

Dad: She's running late, so I guess I'll feed you. (Wanders aimlessly towards kitchen) Oh hey, looks like a light bulb out, I think I'll change it...

Fin: Dad! Focus! (Herding towards kitchen) You were gonna feed me remember?

Dad: Oh yeah. (Looking at tin) Uh oh. I bought the wrong kind. You don't like this one... it's ocean fish.

Fin: I love ocean fish! Crack it open.

Dad: Really? Okay. (Cracking open tin) Wow, this stuff stinks!

Fin: I know! Let it flow Dad!

Dad: You know who doesn't like this? Your Mom. She's gonna be grossed out.

Fin: Look Dad, Mom's a total drama queen when it comes to a little stinky food. Besides she's not even home. Let's filler up! (Dives into full dish)


  1. Hey chums maybe you could spare a small purr for Mom. Turns out she has an infection in the jaw under the tooth she just had root canaled. It's super sore and she's hoping the antibiotics will resolve the infection.

  2. I will purr for your human, but tell her that if she does not like your food's smell, tough cookies!

  3. Whew! Good thing the Dad was there! You were so close to starving!

  4. Puuurrrrrsssss for your mum, Fin...hope she will be better soon so services will not be disrupted anymore. I feel for you my friend. purrrr....meow!

  5. That's a very painful. I hope the antibiotics work quickly!!!

    Fin, you are just a big bully ..... I like your style >^,,^<

  6. A sore mouth is no excuse for being late for your dinner Fin!!
    We do hope she is less ouchie soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Oh gosh, poor Mom Fin. We sure hope the antibiotics do the trick. Please tell her Fin that we are thinking about her and sending so many purrs. Donkeys are crossing their hooves too. Glad you trained the Dad what to feed you. Good job Fin. Take good care of the Mom.

  8. Oh no Fin!!! Your poor Mom!!! I had a root canal and thankfully never had an infection, hope the antibiotics clear it up soon! ((((hugs)))))))

  9. Sorry to hear about your mom's tooth, Fin. We're sending healing purrs and prayers for her!

    Great job training your dad. You should have him feed you more often! MOL!

  10. Oh boy, your back up feeder needs an extensive training course to keep from being distracted! Even pausing to think about lightbulbs is unacceptable! MOL
    Poor mom, tooth pain is awful! We're purring and praying!

  11. I send Mega Purrs for your mom !
    I hope all evil in her mouth is gone !!! and I hope she feel better so soon
    Hugs and Luv

  12. Oh, this sounds familiar. Sissy does it, too. I'm a stealth eater myself.

  13. Ocean fish is the wrong kind?? Sometimes Dads can be so clueless!

    We hope your Mom feels better soon, Fin.m

  14. Poor mum. I hope she is feeling better. I am also impressed with how well you have your dad trained!

  15. Fin you must be exhausted after all that fuss to get the stinky feesh. You are also going to be exhausted looking after your Mom and that nasty infection. We are sending her some gentle, infection shifting purrs to help. We hope she feels much better soonest

    Luff from
    Gerry & Oliver
    & Jane The Ape

  16. Fin, I just read that Mom has a bad tooth...bummer sweet Fin. Let Mom rest and get well. Enjoy your stinky goodness.
    xoxo Kassey