Hunt Week - Red Cup

From across the room I spot my prey. Like the red of the matador's cape the color of my prey mocks me and demands my attention. My prey is cunning, as it's heavily guarded by The Great White.

A full frontal assault will only get me banished to the other room. I must finesse this situation. I make sweet kitty face at The Great White. She falls for it and begs me to sit on her lap. I act casual-like, as if I am only mildly interested. She pleads - yes, I have her.

I leap onto her lap and allow her to pet me, lulling her into a state of false security. After a few minutes I stretch innocently and slowly make steps toward my prey. Oh no, she sees me, and moves my prey just out of reach. I settle in for more lap time and act as if I didn't notice the movement. A few minutes more of petting and purring, and I move with lightening speed. She didn't see it coming this time. I reach my prey and dive in.

Victory! Bonus, it's milk!

Note: I'm willing to share, but she says my cat spit ruins her drink. Whatever, more for me.


  1. That was pretty slick, Fin! Sadly, my human drinks out of bottles and cans, and if it isn't water, it's lo-carb energy drinks or Propel so it is pointless for me to give your cool moves a try.

  2. Sneaky! well done Fin!
    It's funny, I share my water with the kitties, but I couldnt share milk....

  3. How can your Mom say your spit ruins her drink - surely if she had first drink her spit has ruined yours!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. You are so calculating! We're glad you got to sip some milk.

  5. You are clever and you made it happen.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. Fin, you are too funny. That was well done. You are such a smart kitty. Have a great week.

  7. Well done Fin! You executed that move perfectly.

  8. Excellent! Yous should get a 10.0 for that!
    PS thanks for your purrs

  9. You go for it. Way to go! Proud of you!!!! What is left unattended is yours.

  10. Good job, Fin!
    I hope you are feeling as good as you look. Your floof looks amazing in this picshur. *drool*
    Love, TK

  11. Big time score, Fin! You should take a victory lap (right after you finish your milk). MOL