Moving Forward Monday

Hey Friends! Finny here. I wanted to give you a little update on things here at the H.C.

I am doing pretty well. I gave my parents a little scare about a week ago when I decided not to eat or drink again. Luckily they knew what to do this time (IV fluids and another round of steroids) and I have rallied. Mom still worries about how thin I am, but I'm holding my own.

Mom has some cute recent photos of me that she will post later this week. I may be a granny, but I still have it.

Mom's new job is taking a lot of her time and she still feels mildly to moderately incompetent. I spend a great deal of time purring encouragement in her ear. It really helps. Today I made the big sacrifice of making biscuits on her arm while she tried to type some boring drivel. I took a little nibble of her hand when I felt she had gone on long enough. It's tiring to be an editor.

I realized that she is never going to be able to get anything done if I don't actively encourage her. I told her she needs to keep moving forward. She needs get going on the next book we had planned before I got sick.

She is starting to write Cat-A-Lympics and I've given her some deadlines I plan on enforcing. We will be asking for entries in certain events and we hope you'll all want to play along.


  1. We hope you will continue to eat and do well, Fin. It's sweet of you to be so diligent about keeping your mom in line. :)

  2. Fin, you are a much nicer supervisor than I am - I will jump on my human's desk and slap and poke her when I feel she needs to step up her game or take a break. But then, I think she probably needs a sterner taskmaster than yours does.

    I hope you continue to do well! I purr frequently for you.

  3. Hi Fin,
    Me and the humans R keeping U in our purrayers.
    Sometimes I stop eating too, it scares them really bad.

    - Mocha

  4. We is purrin and purraying fur you, pretty Fin. Sumtimes these hoomans just need a little nip, er, nudge!

  5. Hi ya, Fin! We're sorry to hear you were a little under the weather recently but glad you are doing better now! We hope you continue to do well. The Cat-O-Lympics book sounds great!!

  6. Dear Fin,
    Me is glad yous rallied! And that yous helps your Mommy when she works. Me has to encourage my Mommy too. She gets bored easily and needs to be snoopervised or she quits working for my tuna!

  7. Aw, we're sorry you had some trouble, but boy are we glad you're doing better now!

  8. Fin, we're sending you lots of purrs and kitty kisses, hoping you'll remain stable for a long time yet. Our human sends hugs to your mom, she knows how hard it can be.

  9. Well Finny, I think you've just invented a new event ... rallying! You do it so awfully well xox

  10. We're so happy you are eating and drinking again. Good thing your Mom has you to keep an eye on her. xoxo.

  11. Hi sweet Fin! Sorry to hear you had a rough couple of days. Glad to hear you are feeling better and can help keep your mom in line!!

    Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  12. We are delighted to hear you keep your Mum's nose to the grind stone.
    It's surprising how much time they can waste thinking when they should be doing things for us instead.
    Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better today.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. Keep feeling better sweet Fin, we are all here cheering you on!

  14. stay strong Fin - your mom needs a good editor!!

  15. Hi there Fin, glad to hear you are still hanging in there to give the Mom some encouraging purrs and little kneads. Sorry you were a little off a week ago. Keep on giving the encouraging meows. Take good care and Fin, we send tons of purrs and are crossing our little paws.

  16. Fin we hope you keep rallying and that you keep pushing your Mom.
    Tell Mom she will adjust to her job, it is hard when it is new.
    I might be interested in being in the Olympics but Mom isn't sure if I will have time :(
    Depends on how many events I have to participate in.
    Love, Cody

  17. You are so good to her, Finny, what would she ever do without you? We're glad your recent downtime wasn't too serious. Maybe you could just a bit more to help the 'rents not worry so much?

  18. We are glad you are doing well Fin after your scare a few days ago. You are very good at keeping your mum's nose to the grindstone.
    We hope we can take part in the next Car-A-Lympics. We enjoyed the last one.

  19. Dear Fin & Mom,
    Thank you so much for your kind words for Scooby. He was a gentle beautiful soul and we miss him deeply.

  20. We're glad to hear you rallied, sweet Fin. And great job encouraging your mom with her work. Humans need to be pushed, we've found.

  21. Finny
    YOU keep on eating and drinking You hear??? We want to make sure you stay around for a long long LONG time!