Miscommunication Part II

Dear Sandy Claws,

The dog bed and dog bowl were for me, something an ample-sized kitten can grow into.

It was in no way, repeat, NO WAY, and indication I am hoping for a baby sisfur who is a dawg. ::Shudders::

Unless a baby sisfur can be a mouse, or perhaps a hamster, I am not interested.

If, when you come right down Sandy Claws Lane, you find a kitten or baby dawg in your sack for me, just keep it for yourself. My gift to you and the missus buddy.

Hope that clears it up.


PS I have been kicking a lot of sand out of my litter box for you. I understand it helps the reindeers get traction.


  1. Pfffffft!

    Me thinketh wooeth protesteth tooeth mucheth -

    Just sayin'


  2. My sisters said they need to pay you a visit Quill so you can see the fun sisters bring to a home!

  3. "if...you find a kitten or baby dawg in your sack for me, just keep it for yourself. My gift to you and the missus buddy."


  4. WE would be horrified to get a dawg for Christmas. However our cousin cats did get one a few years ago and she is furry furry nice. Just sayin'

  5. We're sure the reindeer (and Mom) appreciate the extra traction! HaHaMeow! Happy Wednesday!

  6. We hope Santa Paws gets the message, Quill.

  7. Seriously, Quill, you should really consider having Binga come live with you! She too is very good at creating litter box traction for reindeers!

  8. Would that be a Great Dane sized dog bed?

  9. So kind of you Quill. Sure Santa would get the message.
    Pssst, are you expecting a sibling?

  10. Oh we thinks you would have tons of fun with a kitty sister, even doggies aren't that bad. ~Socks & Scylla

  11. Quill-no fair. Mom has our box be a covered one so we
    can't help Santa-yeowl!
    Do ya think he'll still stop-
    WITOUT a new family member?

  12. Quill, we thinks that you would really enjoy having a baby sister to boss around. Just think of the games you could play with a sisfur plus they are great to snuggle with too. So please don't send that sisfur back if she should happen to come.
    Take care.

  13. Clear, concise, and to the point. Great job, Quill! We're sure Santa will get the message! :)

  14. Quillbert,
    Don't for one nano second think that deer need any kind of traction. Those big galloots weigh in at half a ton each. They do make lovely steaks tho. Call me if they get to your place first.

    MS Stella O Houligan

  15. Ohhhh....a woofie!!!????

    I am SO excited!

    xoxo Grete woofie

    MOM! Make Grete stop stealling my blog time. Quill, us kitties here understand your concern...but woofies do have positive qualities...when they aren't barking.

    xoxo Cory

  16. Lots of kitties in our house and we all have fun!

  17. We heard rumors of a possible *addition* !!!
    Glogirly's already squeeing in anticipation.
    I've got a box all ready to go. Just say the word and Waffles Too will be on his way to your house.

    ...counting the days, Merry Merry!
    Katie, Glogirly & Waffles TOO!

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  19. Just stop by to say...
    Merry Christmas !!!!
    I wish you and your family have the Best Best time.
    Lots of love
    Puddy Boy ; )