Well my parents didn't sell the garage this weekend, thank Cod. I tried to make a break for it to check up on things every time Dad opened the door. Unfortunately I was nabbed each time.

Mom said we couldn't have people trying to buy me.

Well there was a nice bonus that came with all that door opening - bugs!

Quill and I managed to hunt them all. Mom called our attention to the last one in the bathroom. She was kinda distracting with all the screaming of "Get it!!" and "Just kill it already!!"

You see we like to take our time. Quill likes to interview the bug first. Then I jump in with a few warm up whaps. I batted it to Quill, in case he wanted to whap it too. He didn't.

So after more Mom screams, I popped him in my mouth. He was a big one so I was able to make a real meal of him.

Yep, good times. Unless you're the bug....


  1. Well, that's certainly great news about your garage not being sold. Lucky you -- bugs to chase and eat? Woohoo!

  2. Yum! And fun! We aren't getting very many bugs this year. Except for ants, which are NO fun.

  3. Fun and yummy ! We have cows in the area here, so we enjoy catching bugs every day.

  4. Hahaha! We take our time too, much to our human's dismay. And it doesn't seem tasty, we don't even bother. ;-p

  5. Yup, bugs are the best thing about summer, for sure!

  6. Kitties need to play with the bugs! They are also toys--not just food.

    We're glad you didn't go on any excursions outside and worry your pawrents.


  7. Oh Good, Greyson, sure glad that neither you or the garage didn't get sold. Good news. So glad you took care of all those bugs in the house. Our Two Two loves to chase them and eats every one of them.
    So do have a great day.

  8. Maxwell: DOOD! *perk* A BIG, JUICY bug? Mowzers, all we get are wimpy spiders and 'squitos over here. *sigh*

    You guys are SO lucky.

  9. glad you and the garage didn't get sold :)

    we had a big hairy bug in the house the other day - we won't eat those (ewww - too hairy) and it made mom do the dance once she realized what we were staring at

  10. We love when the bugs and flies get in the house, except those nasty stink bugs, for us to chase and snack upon. Sometimes it is just the thing to stave off hunger prior to dinner being served. Hope yours was nommilicious!Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  11. We nailed 3 spiders and 4 flies last night!
    *proud font*