Floofy Friday


Friday is that you? Yippee! What about this pretty box Mom added to her desk to wrangle her mess? Well yes, I fit on it just fine, and I agree, it does looks good on me.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, boy are we ever happy to see you this week! Mom especially, she keeps saying she's having a "rough week" at the job. Seems pretty much the same as the other weeks to me, she's still talking and typing... but I have tried to be extra helpful.

How Friday? Well I've been very diligent during tense conference calls to chew on her laptop's power cord. Way in the corner behind her monitor - where she can't reach me and stop me from my task. Even after she put bitter spray on it - I still give it a big effort. You can help if you want, plenty of bitter cords to choose from back there. Greyson is totally uninterested in helping me. He claims napping on the shelf is help enough - babies.

How's this helping?


  1. We're sorry your Mom is having a rough week. We have to go through that too sometimes with our own.

  2. We hope your mommy has a better weekend than her week was! Make sure you cuddle with her lots!
    Quill, you silly boy, if you chew those cords, you might make it so mommy can't blog for you! Not to mention you might get zapped! Maybe your mom should get some of those stiff cord covers, I don't think they're chewable!

  3. I can't say much for Greyson's work ethic!

  4. You are just being helpful. Meredith Ann likes to sit on the keyboard. I end up moving the mouse too.

    I like the shelf idea. I need to put one in so she can just go up there and nap.


  5. Quill, that bitter stuff never stopped me from chewing a tasty cord either.


  6. Quill, our Mommy is organizing Daddy's desk and has ordered some boxes. Thank you for giving us the idea to turn them into our nests!

    Have a great Friday!

  7. The human has rough weeks sometimes, too. They are bad because I don't get as much attention!

    You'd better be careful while chewing on cords...they can bite back :(

  8. Dear Quill,

    I helped the man human balance his checkbook this morning by waving my floofy bottle-brush tail in his face! But his voice got really big and he used those certain HBO words. Then I helped Meowmie Becky clean by kicking litter from my box all over where she just swept.

    I will be purring for your meowmie to have better days.

    Purrs & Heabonks,
    Miss Tina Marie Maine Coon
    of The Feline Contingent

  9. Hi There Quill. Sounds like you are almost a help to the Mom. At least you mean well. Greyson looks like he has the right idea. You boys sure look good. Take care.

  10. Sorry your mum is having a rough week and I understand. I think you are helping her in your own ways. You are a cutie in that box

  11. How thoughtful of your mum to get that pretty box for you. I hope she has a better week next week.

  12. Your poor Mommy...having a rough week. Mommy says she's ready to give up sobriety ANY TIME NOW...

  13. Sorry to hear that your mom had a rough week. Fortunately she has a helpful cat at home ! Purrs, Zorro

  14. Lily has a GIANT kitty crush on Quill. See facebook/threenorwegians.com

  15. How nice to meet some new friends!

    Hi Lily and the Kitty Contingent!

  16. Y'all have the most handsome floof ever!