MeowBox! Part Two

Mom: All right boys, we are going to be professional young spokescats in training, right?

Quill: Yes Mom!

Greyson: Are there more treats in the MeowBox.Net sample?

Mom: Yes... There's Groovy Gravy Packets...

Mom: And Aromalettes... oh wait it isn't food. It's pet perfume! Come here Greyson!

Quill: Hello little fella... You smell nice.

Quill's new pal... Spot's Nip Chicken.
Quill: And what are you my little feather butt mousie on a string?

Mom: Your little Play-N-Squeak friend squeaks and lights up in the dark. Fun! Whew! We'll that was a lot of fun packed into one box. We received the MeowBox free but we sure have enjoyed it. The box cost starts at $25 and contains between $30-$50 dollars of loot. We think it would be fun to get one of these on a regular basis and get to try out lots of fun new products.


  1. Fun stuff! Keep the empty box too, they are fun for weeks!

  2. Our MeowBox had the same things - and we had lots of fun with everything! Sadly, the treats are almost gone now... I think my human needs to get more of those!

  3. What cool stuff! And a box to play with too!

  4. Wow, awesome stuff! We'd for that chicken flavoured gravy, for sure!

  5. That box is great! And so is the stuff inside! :)

  6. That sure looks like such a great box full of goodies and so many goodies. Glad you boys had such a good time. Great review of all the contents.Take care.

  7. A great box, and a lot of cool stuff inside : what else ? Purrs