Journal Of Suspicion

Greyson reporting here. There have been some odd happenings her at the H.C.

3:00PM Thursday - Mom and MY Dad leave the house together.

3:45PM Thursday - Mom returns to the house - WITHOUT MY Dad. Upon seeing my distress she claims he's "Gone Fishing" and that he'd be home "Before I knew it" - um too late, I noticed.

8:45PM Thursday - Mom goes to bed with Quill following right behind. Dad never returns.

5:30AM Friday - No sign of Dad but I see the door to his office is closed. I stake out in front of the door for the morning.

12:20PM Friday - Mom leaves "for a nice lunch out alone." The door to Dad's office remains closed.

2:30PM Friday - Mom returns alone. She notices me hovering by the door and opens it - Dad is NOT in there. She cuddles me on the daybed and allows me to inspect the desk. We take a nap together - which was nice but I kept one eye open.

9:45PM Friday - Mom "talks" to Dad on the phone. She mentions how much we all miss him. She and Quill sleep on the big bed while I sleep on Dad's nightstand in solidarity.

10:30AM Saturday - Mom goes out on an "errand."

12:45PM Saturday - Mom returns and I try to make a break for the garage - sure that Dad is being kept there against his will. Mom offers to cuddle again in his office, but I refuse.

4:30PM Saturday - In desperation I cuddle with Mom for the rest of the night - not because I need cuddles from her - but so I can keep my eyes on her.

8:55PM Saturday - Mom "talks to Dad" again before we all settle in on the big bed. I was pretty tired - don't judge.

10:30AM Sunday - Mom leaves the house "to pick up your Dad from the airport."

11:40AM Sunday - Dad arrives home!!

1:13PM Sunday - I cuddle in for a long nap with Dad in our chair. All is right with the world, but I remain vigilant - I've got one drowsy eye on you Mom.


  1. You really can't trust the 'rents to behave themselves and not wander off.

  2. Oh my, we just hate it when that happens!

  3. Greyson, we didn't realize you were that much of a Daddy's boy. (We aren't criticizing -- Newton is, too!) Sounds like some fishy goings-on at your house. Good thing you kept such a thorough journal.

  4. You better keep an eye on the dad too, Greyson.

  5. Humans! They can't be trusted.

  6. We have to agree with Sparkle!
    Glad your Dad is back home where he belongs.

  7. you better watch her closely! You don't want your Dad disappearing again!

  8. It was about a really big fish if your dad disappeared for such a long while ! Keep an eye on him ! Purrs

  9. Oh poor Greyson. That darn Dad shouldn't have gone off for so long. But glad he is back with you now. You all have a great week.

  10. I am glad your mum brought your dad back home for you Greyson. I hope he appreciates the look out you kept for him.

  11. Did your dad bring home any fish? If not, you may need to increase surveillance on your mom...if it's not already 24 hours a day.

  12. Have you ever considered that your dad leaves of his own free will..

  13. We are so relieved to read Your dad is home again! You must be worn out from such a frightful weekend.

  14. We all think you are pretty lucky that your dad was gone such a short amount of time. Ours used to go away for two and three weeks at a time. You got a whole lot of snuggles and cuddles from your mom so it can't be all bad. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo