Happy Father's Day

Greyson: Mom's a little late helping us write this post, but we didn't want to let the day go by without a few words about our Dad.

Quill: We may be impartial, but he's the best dad ever.

Greyson: We love him so much. He gives good hard pets and has a warm tummy to nap on.

Quill: And strong legs to rub against. He throws ice cubes for us to play hockey with whenever he drinks his tea.

Greyson: He fawns over how cute we both are all the time. He smiles whenever one of "His Boys" enters the room.

Quill: Hard to imagine he wasn't always a Cat Guy.

Greyson: Fin changed all that for him and we sealed the deal. We're so lucky that he's our and we're his. Happy Father's Day!!

Quill: And , um, sorry about the votive we broke this morning...


  1. You boys have a great daddy. Happy Dad's Day to him.

  2. Happy Fathers Day to your male human!

  3. You boys do have a most wonderful Dad and Mom too. You two found the best home. So happy Father's day to your Dad.

  4. You have a wonderful dad ! Happy Father's Day to your dad ! Purrs

  5. We hope your special Daddy had a very special Father's Day!

  6. HAHAHAHA, about the votive, that is. Over at our house it's 50/50 chance that it was the DAD who broke it (heeeee).

  7. Your Dad IS awesome. We hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day! :)

  8. ooh, ice hockey, that is fun!!

    and I bet you he's kinda glad you broke that votive.. that way he doesn't have to dust it any more :)