The Summer Blahs

We has em.

Quill was super blah for days. I'd try to get him to frolic and he was in no mood.

All of a sudden this morning he got all perky and chased me around the house. Repeatedly.

I was happy to have Quill back to his sassy self, but I wasn't so crazy about the chasing. Cause he's a big guy. It's not that fun when he catches you.

So yes, I squeal a bit when he pins me. Yes, I know it'll get him in some trouble with Mom. And yes, I absolutely "Start Something" 10 seconds later so I can chase him.

Why would I not? It's the Summer Blahs, what else is there to do?

And Mom's Summer Blahs - don't get me started. Sure hope she doesn't start to chase me around too...


  1. Chasin each other are a fun way to get rid of da blahs.

  2. You kittehz need to get pics if your Mom starts chasing you around the house. What fun that would be!

  3. Sounds like you're keeping things lively while the summer blahs are going on!

  4. My human HAS chased me around the house! Usually when she wants to give me a pill. Now, that's NOT fun!

  5. I had the blahs when we got to the mid 80s. We are back to our normal low to mid 60s again so I am running around again. Mum doesn't chase me though, she can't keep up.

  6. yep....it is that time of the year...

  7. It's so much fun when Dad or Mum chase us around the house ! We play Pick a Boo, too ! Purrs

  8. Our mom has a big case of the Summer Blahs, but it is not for the usual reason. Usually she has them 'cause it is so hot and humid. But now she has them as we have had rain, rain, rain and super dreary days! We hate it when she's grumpy! XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo