Afternoon Delight?

Quill: It all started about two weeks ago...

Greyson: When Mom started to flail about every afternoon.

Quill: She calls it her "Afternoon Dance Party" to "take it up a notch" on her workout routine.

Greyson: And it was hard to watch. Lots of movement that did not seem to match to any musical beat whatsoever. And don't get me started on her music choices. ::Cough:: ::Pop and Disco:: ::Cough::

Quill: Of course, I would stay with her for support as long as I could, but even I had to abandon the area after awhile.

Greyson: Then the horror really started when this little number arrived...

Seen here modeled by Betsy

Greyson: She ties it around her hips and starts shaking things that probably aren't designed to shake. The sights!

Quill: The sounds!

Greyson: It's the Jingle Skirt of Terror!!


  1. MOL! My momma does dat exorcisin stuff too. I just sleep. She does that dancin and all dis weird pushups and weight stuff.

  2. I laughed and laughed and mommy too. Is your mommy doing Zumba? LOVE your description guys.. if I saw MY mommy doing that I would have to put my little stick with a kerchief tied at the end to hold my toys and nip, throw it over my shoulder, and bust outta here.

  3. Me & mom are dying laughing here !
    Please put in YouTube !!!

  4. Meg,
    For some reason, I feel that Finny would have been just a bit more understanding. The mancats have VERY little tolerance for any of the "girlie" aspects of their human moms' lives. My two boys tend to treat anything even remotely feminine with boldly spoken disdain, with only three exceptions: their Mom's softer lap is even more preferred than Dad's, their Mom's smaller, more gentle hands give THE BEST pets, and the food tastes every bit as good when served in the bowl with a flower design that their Aunt Shadow* bequeathed to them as in the bowl with the more manly design that was purchased explicitly for their use.

    Alfie & Binky's rebuttal: Okay, Mom, we sat here and listened repectfully while you droned on--I mean spoke your piece. We prefer your lap because it IS softer, but are you sure it isn't a bit more ample as well? Your thighs definitely are well padded, but that isn't muscle. Admittedly, you do give the best pets, but that's because you are Mom. We hide our manly disdain for the girlie catfood dish out of respect for the memory of dear Aunt Shadow because she sometimes has imparted wisdom and advice to us (and we aren't sure she wouldn't come back across that rainbow bridge and set us firmly in our places if we did otherwise). And, let's face it, it the food that's important; the dishes are merely conveyances. Speaking of food, how about a snack?

    * Aunt Shadow was named merely Shadow in life. She was our first kitty, and ruled the household as an only cat. The "boys" never encountered her, except by inheriting some of the her impedimenta that surely retained some scent and a few hairs despite thorough cleaning. My husband initiated the renaming to Aunt Shadow in mock lectures to our current cats regarding differences in deportment and in stories we tell each other and to the cats.

  5. boys.. it makes your momma happy, you should be more supportive..

  6. MOL! I heard a rumor that my human does something called "cardio dance," but I haven't seen proof of it yet, and that some years ago, she took belly dance lessons.

  7. Fortunately, Mum doesn't like to dance at all ! She does some "step" and "pump" and "sculpt", but not at home ! We would love to see a video of you mom, though... Purrs

  8. Mom says it sounds like fun. We'd probably escape to the catio if that happened at our house. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo