I Want In

Greyson stands in the hallway at 5am and paws at the bedroom door...

Mom: Greyson what are you doing?

Dad: ::Muffled from behind door:: Cough, cough

Greyson: Dad needs me in there!

Greyson digs more furiously at the door.

Mom: I think he's asleep....

Greyson: No! He coughed - that means he's awake and he needs me!

Mom: Well I think he shut the door to keep you out...

Greyson: No! He would never!

Mom: Well why don't you come into the office? I could cuddle you...

Greyson: ::Rolls eyes:: I'll wait here for him.

Mom: All right suit yourself then. Course I have treats in the office...

Greyson: Well... I suppose I can hear the door open from there...


  1. Hey, no fair dangling treats in front of the kitteh! How are we supposed to resist?

  2. We hate shut doors. Wouldn't it be great if the humans didn't have ANY doors inside the house??? Just think of the possibilities......

  3. Shut doors are begging to be scratched at. I am glad you got some treats, though.

  4. Humans should never close doors on us kitties.

  5. My human's boyfriend shuts out us kitties sometimes... but as soon as my human goes to bed, all doors magically open. She gets us kitties.

  6. Closed doors between you and the bed? Totally unacceptable!

  7. Closed doors are strictly not allowed here, and if the bedroom door has been shut to keep me out, I machine paw it.
    Treats are an irresistible temptation.

  8. Shut doors are just plain evil!

  9. It could be worse, I have one who can open doors!

  10. We can't stand closed doors either. Nice try Greyson. Maybe next time. Have a great day.

  11. I just hope they weren't extra crunchy treats.. they can interfere with the hearin..

  12. Closed door ? But doors should never be closed ! Purrs

  13. Treats will do it every time, right Greyson?
    Now, I say the door needs to be opened or someone install a cat door in it for you!

  14. We understand, Greyson! We're not big fans of closed doors here, either. Of course, treats DO help while you're waiting for them to open, right? :)