So Sensitive

Sometimes Quill is just too sensitive. Sure I chased him off the bed twice last night - but it was all in good fun. At least I had fun.

So he was bored and knocked over our toy box and got a hold of the good catnip toys. The ones Mom only lets us play with under snoopervision because Quill is a paranoid niphead.

He's all "Wow look at the pink elephant... What did you call me elephant?... Oh yeah? Bite me Mother Fluffer!..." and then he bites me, like he did this morning when he jumped on the bed for a third time.

Of course Mom STILL scolded ME. Said I started it, which I suppose I did, but still. Some cats are just too sensitive.

Greyson (The one who can handle his catnip)


  1. Greyson, I know what you mean. Wally is the same as Quill. Such a wuss. ~Ernie

  2. Sparkle used to bait Binga sometimes... she never got yelled at for doing it, though.

  3. We understand, Greyson. Some kitties are mean nipheads. You have to watch out for them.

  4. We can see where you are both coming from. Some of us love that stuff but some of us don't give a darn. Hope things calm down for both of you.

  5. Maybe he should enter a program or something!!

  6. Ah, those nipheads! They cause trouble for all the rest of us who Nip Responsibly.

  7. Lexy is a nip head. A big one!!!
    Lola and Lexy