The Abandonment

Lil G: Our Mom is abandoning us for weeks!

Mom: It's days, not weeks son.

Lil G: We'll be all alone!

Mom: Your Dad will be here the whole time.

Lil G: Who will feed us? Clean our box?

Mom: Your Dad has very detailed instructions.

Quill: Why would you leave us? I know I've been a little extra naughty, but I'll be a very good boy if you stay home!

Mom: Ah boys, it's for work. You could never be naughty enough to send me off. If I could take you, I would.  Okay, well, maybe not. Cause you would freak out...

Quill: Who'll cuddle with us? Can Aunt Jenny come over and help out? She's wicked good with a neck rubbins.

Mom: I'll make the call. I'll be back before we know it and then it'll be a weekend cuddle fest!


  1. If your dad is anything like ours when it comes to feeding and litter box cleaning...good luck, boys.

  2. Now, don't get all stressed out boys. Like your Mom said, your Dad will be there to take care of you. Sure, Dads not gonna do everything exactly like Mom does it, but it sure beats having to stay at a cat motel - take our word on that. Think of the next few days as an opportunity for you 2 mancats & your Dad to hangout & bond doing manly stuff.

    Our mom says it's a good thing for her to take a few days off every now & then. Mom claims that when she comes home, everybuddy seems to appreciates the stuff she does for them, instead of taking what she does for granted. We have to agree with Mom's thinking. Enjoy your week Greyson & Quill & go easy on your Dad.

  3. My human and I spent four days in Portland and we just got back - and I think Binga missed me more than she missed my human!

  4. your mom will be back before you know it. besides, we don't have a dad here, but we hear they can be sometimes suckered out of extra treats

  5. We hope everything goes well with your dad in charge, and we hope your auntie stops by anyway ! Purrs

  6. Don't worry boys, I am sure your dad will manage.

  7. We bet you'll have fun with Dad, though we know he's not the same as Mom. We hope Aunt Jenny comes by, too!