Bug Hunt!

It’s so hard for a housecat to find suitable prey on “The Inside”. I must be ever vigilant for things to stalk. You can’t let your stalking and killing skills grow lax. Movement is a critical element in stalking, and indoors there just isn’t that much that moves. I’m generally forced to stalk Mommy, but she isn’t much of a challenge. She's rather slow moving, so chasing her isn’t real challenging. Let’s face it even a hard bite to the ankle isn’t likely to bring her down (I’ve tried plenty of times and it just gets me in trouble).

Of course when the weather is nice I spend hours on the porch stalking the birds that gather there, but now that the weather is too warm I’m forced into an indoor life. The only good thing about the hot weather is that everyone wants to be inside, including my prey.

I am the Mighty Bug Huntress! My bug hunting prowess is known throughout the land (well, at least I hope it will be now). No bug makes it into my realm without my knowledge (except maybe ants, but who cares about them?). Land rovers are immediately killed with a hard blow by my paws, a one-two punch, after I’ve toyed with them for awhile. Mommy will beg me to finish them off as she screams from a nearby perch (sometimes I let them live just to mess with her).

The flyers require special assistance from Daddy, as he and I hunt together. I will spot the prey high above, and call attention to it’s presence with my constant cries. Finally my parents will realize the potential peril they're in, and thank me for spotting the danger.

Daddy gets a rubber band, or a swatter, and we begin the hunt in earnest. Daddy’s aim is legendary with a rubber band, but occasionally he misses and then we search together for the intruder. When Daddy finally brings it down to the floor I finish it off with my paws of death.

In my younger years I felt I should also dispose of the beast’s carcass, but nowadays I feel my work is done once I’ve landed the death blow. No one likes the taste of moth anyway; they tend to repeat on you.


  1. Bugs are such fun! You and your daddy sound like the perfect pair of hunters.

  2. Oh boy another kitty visit, and royalty too! Prince Muddy Paws!

  3. If I see a bug on the ceiling, I ask my beans to lift me up so I can smack it myself (just like I would if it was on the ground). This is a fun game.

    This is one of the few games that Peter is better at than Jasmine. Jasmine is my favourite bean, but she's not very tall. Peter, on the other paw, is furry tall. He helps me reach all the way to the ceiling! :)


  4. If the bug is low enough, I too am lifted for the kill - but our ceilings are too high sadly. Thanks for stopping by Ashley!!