The Paparazzi

Ever since Mommy and I decided to start my blog it’s been like having the paparazzi right in my own home. Mommy wants to add photos of me to the entries we will be making, so she started trying to get some pictures of me. I can certainly see why she thinks my public would enjoy seeing me, I’m adorable after all.

My family isn’t big on picture taking, in fact all of our family photos fit in one small file box. Even when they abandon me to go on something they call “Vacation,” all they come home with are postcards. I thought it was because they didn’t want me to see them having a good time without me, but now I know the truth - they have very little skill. It’s best they leave the photography to the professionals, who know about things like angles, and lighting.

I should have seen that this desire to capture my kitty essence on film could develop into a real problem for me, and maybe I should have suggested a stunt cat. At first, I was more than willing to sit for my portrait. Okay, maybe “willing” is a stretch, but at least I didn’t feel the need to hide under the bed to find some privacy, like I do now.

Things started simply enough, my parents would wait for me to do something cute, or just look regal, and then they would whip out the camera to capture it. I would pretend not to notice as they tried to frame the shot, and then snap we were done - I thought. Unfortunately, my parents weren’t taking the shots they had hoped for. I’d done my part, by looking my best, of course, but they’re slow with the trigger finger. How long can a cat be expected to wait as they fumble about? The fact that Mommy’s camera flashes first and then waits a few seconds to actually capture the shot doesn’t help either.

Someone here (no one seems willing to take responsibility for this), thought it might be a great idea to sneak up on me in my sleep, gently arrange me into a cute pose, and then awaken me to get “the look” they wanted. Well, no one likes to be awakened from a nap by flash bulbs, this isn’t Hollywood. So until the trauma wears off, this is the best shot you are going to see of me.


  1. I know the feeling. The people are always sticking that flashy-clicky box in my face. I usually close my eyes or turn and show them my backside. It's what they deserve...

  2. Fin Says - Oh boy, I'm so excited! A fellow kitty blogger leaving a comment, and my favorite one too. I think Max is such a cutie. To my readers, please feel free to send me comments, I like to know someone is listening.

  3. Yes, Fin, flashing and clicking are a part of the life of a blogged cat, just get used to it, my friend. My mom says she's probably got more pictures of me than of the human children..which I think is way cool, but she considers a bit embarrassing. Glad to meet you!

  4. Fin Says - So glad you stopped by Angus. It's hard to be such a looker, but it's a burden we must endure.