Five Finches in a Fountain

One of my favorite activities is to spend time on the back porch with my parents. I like to roll around in the dirt and leaves that gather there. How I love the crunch of a leaf as I roll across it, it’s such a satisfying sound. The only thing that comes close to that pleasure in the house is the sound of rolling around on Mommy’s expensive art papers.

I love to lay in the huge patches of sun available to me. Although I have to be careful because I can get a bit overheated - so I have to pace myself, a few minutes in the patch, and then back to the cool of the patio.

The other nice thing in the great outdoors is that anything I do is somehow different and heightened in my opinion, and in my parent’s opinion too. For example, I’ll take a sniff of a plant and they’ll mention how cute it is, well I sniff things all day long in the house and it’s barely even mentioned.

The best part of the patio experience is the fountain. It’s quite large, it’s multi-tiered, it attracts birds, and recently fish were added to the bottom pool. What could be better? I can even get a little drink while I stare at the fish slowly making their way around the basin - although the water tastes a lot better fresh from the faucet.

This morning there were five finches all enjoying the fountain at one time. One on the top layer sitting right in the water flow and splashing about, and four small, tasty, ones on the second layer getting a bath or having a little drink.

Okay you probably caught that slip, I’ll confess, I don’t really know if they’re tasty or not. They’re small and I’m guessing there isn’t a lot of meat to be had. I make those Ka, Ka, Ka sounds, to indicate I’d like to chase them, but it’s really not worth getting up from my lounging to make a go of it. Maybe there was a time, in my younger years, when I would chase them, although what I’m really supposed to do if I ever caught them is still a mystery to me. I’ll indulge my bird cravings with chicken scraps from my parents.

Hope you enjoy your week and all the nature available to you.


  1. Mr. Dutch also very much likes the sound of a good art paper crunching or being shredded, it surely is a cat thing.

  2. Fin Says - Hello to you Mr. Dutch! I've heard stories about you, maybe you can get your people to start a blog on your behalf.