Repost - The Balance Beam

Mom is still busy with her family. She is having a great time getting to know everyone again. My house has not been fully invaded yet... I have my hiding spot picked out but haven't needed it yet. 

This post originally appeared as part of a special week we hosted here called Cat-O-Lympics. Jim and Bob were the announcers we created to give the play by play. So much fun! Hope you enjoy it too.

Jim: Well it's the first day of competition here at Fin-Land, and events don't get more exciting than the balance beam Bob.

Bob: That's right Jim. This event is going to take skill and agility. Let's take a look closer look at the course.

Jim: Let me walk our viewer's through the action we've come to expect here at the Balance Beam. The Cathlete is going to jump on the edge of the tub from the far right. It's critical she sticks the landing. She'll need to walk across the narrow ledge to the counter on the left, at that point there will be a quick but difficult jump from the narrow ledge to the counter. The prize will be a cool sip of water right from the tap.

Bob: What's that on the floor Jim? Is that some kind of... water feature?

Jim: Yes Bob, it's a bowl filled with water. It makes this course extremely challenging! Oh look Bob, here comes our competitor...

::a hush falls over the audience as the cathlete surveys the field::

Jim: :Whispering:: Look at that tail switch Bob, she is focused! Looks like she's inspecting the apparatus up close and personal, getting a feel for the conditions. This is a slick course...


Bob: She seems very focused on the left side of the course. She.... Oh My COD!

Jim: What an upset Bob!! She caught the Pawparrazzi totally off guard! She completely bypasses the beam and goes straight for the left corner!

Bob: Is it over Jim?! Will this be a disqualification?

Jim: We'll have to wait for the call Bob. It's such a shame, because if you look at the style points, at the dangling paw, she could be in the running for gold! She seems to be awaiting her award on the podium.


Bob: I hear from the judges that she has been disqualified for that maneuver! What an upset!

Jim: Looks like our cathlete is drowning her sorrows in a cool drink Bob. Maybe she'll do better in tomorrow's competition.


  1. We had a balance beam competition at our old house. But it was the upstairs bannister, not the bathtub. I used it as a cat walk for my modeling duties. Binga used it to earn treats.

  2. We had a balance beam competition at our old house. But it was the upstairs bannister, not the bathtub. I used it as a cat walk for my modeling duties. Binga used it to earn treats.

  3. Absolutely hilarious!!! I certainly hope poor Fin recovered from the humiliation of disqualification :-)

  4. Oh no Fin, you didn't get disqualified. That wasn't fair. They should have mapped out the course better. Too funny. We enjoyed that one. Take care.

  5. We still think you were robbed Fin. You shouldn't have been disqualified. Bet the judges had a backhander.

  6. Fin, you can't be disqualified! The pictures of you are great and we love the one of you on the sink so much! You are a gold winner to us!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  7. We love that post! And we give you a 10 for originality.

  8. One of our favorites!! Thanks for the re-run!

  9. Finny, we still think you took gold for Independant Thinking!
    Thanks for the re-run, we loved it!

    pee ess: come and hide at our house.

  10. How can you get disqualified in your own competition?

  11. An absolute classic! But we don't fink yoo should haff been disqualified!

  12. That was just as good this time around too :)

  13. Someone or somecat had greased the palms of the judges. UNFAIR.

  14. We remember this post! The purrtiest gymnast effurr!

  15. Oh THANKS. I woke up three cats with my giggling, and now I have to go pet them and cater to their every whim so they don't eat me in my sleep.

    (Love this post so much.)