Guerrilla Holiday

Aunt Jenny has an idea she is hoping will spread throughout the blogosphere... Take it away Aunt Jenny

"Here is my big idea. Have you ever heard of Guerrilla Artist's? 

Basically, they are artists that make art and install, preform, or attach it to public spaces, with the intention of affecting the world in a creative and thought provoking way (to paraphrase Keri Smith). These installations are often anonymous, and very unique. Do a web search for "guerrilla art" and you will see many wonderful examples. 

My idea is to remove some of the hype from the holiday and remind people of the simple joy of kindness. 

I think we all get so wrapped up in the stress of the season, we sometimes forget about small ways we can feel, and spread joy.  I'm talking about some random acts of giving. Tiny stuff, sweet stuff, unexpected stuff. 

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Decorate a public and unexpected object. Put a handmade greeting card on a strangers windshield. If you're a crafter, make something small, and stick it in a neighbors mailbox. Go for a walk and stick a single shiny ornament on every tree that you pass. Tie a pretty tag, with a few kind words, on somebodies trash can (won't that just freak them out!). One of my readers tucked handmade beaded bookmarks in library books. There are a million possibilities. Make a sticker or a sign. 

Do you have something to say about the holiday season? Well, this is your chance! Won't you join me? I am really excited to see what you do. Send me some pictures, or tell me some stories, and I will try to post as many of them as I can. Spread the word, and take a Guerrilla Holiday Button. Let's see what we can do. I believe this could be something special, don't you?!"

So last year Mom joined in and decorated this little tree at the end of the street with ornaments. She had more fun decorating the tree at dawn. We're sure the neighbors watching her had fun too.

Ornaments - $6.00 from the dollar store
Lint roller to remove glitter from… everything… including hair - $2.00
Self Manicure to fix sap covered nails - $1.00
Embarrassment as neighbors watch the crazy lady in slippers decorate random tree – Unknown
Giggling as I channeled the spirit of my Gramma Boss and my Sister – Priceless
She has plans to do it again this year and also find some other ways to bump it up. Anyone else wanna play?


  1. We love it!

    We have troubles evFURRY year with the 'be nice to one another fur a few weeks' thing -

    We try to be THIS way 365 -

    Thanks fur the smiles and fur the khonFURmation other kind souls are out there -

    NOW, how about a puppy?


  2. Mom likes this idea, but it kind of scares me because when my mom performs random acts of kindness, it usually means that I've got another brother or sister.

  3. I actually just did something similar to this! A blogger I visit is having a hard time right now and on a random whim, she posted her Amazon wish list. I don't think I've ever commented on her blog, although I think my human did once... but I bought her something off her wish list.

    We don't know this person at all and she lives thousands of miles away in a different state.

    Actually, this sort of thing is more fun than buying gifts for those you are supposed to buy gifts for!

  4. You know Fin I have a sticker that talks about random acts of kindness on my car. I reckon all year is good too. Lets pass on trhe good will to all the time!!!

  5. Such a great idea! If everyone did just one little thing it would be amazing! It would keep people smiling; the do-er, the receiver and everyone they shared their experience with.

    The PM should do something...

  6. This is an absolutely wonderful idea. Perhaps we shouldn't limit it to Christmas time. We will definitely try it out.

    Thanks, SIF!!!

  7. What a great idea! The mom has been practicing random acts of kindness, but guerrilla giving/decorating is very cool!

  8. This is a brilliant!!! I know the concept "commit random acts of kindness and sensless beauty" but was unfamiliar with Guerilla Artists. It is wonderful :-)

  9. I love this so much! This is what Christmas is all about.

  10. I think that is a wonderful idea!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  11. This is great! A lady let Mommy cut in line the other day...Mommy was pressed for time and she was so grateful! It felt good to have a stranger care, just for that moment.

    Sign us up! In fact, we have a victim...erm, recipient in mind!

  12. My mommy walks around with postcards of her Moose Moon Totem that has a Christmas hat on. She has these in her purse and when she meets somebody who is stressed (which is most check out peoples) she asks them their name and writes them a Merry Christmoose on the back and gives it to them. It always cheers them up and makes them happy!

  13. Oh my I like this idea a lot. We will have to do some thinking about what we will do. I love to do stuff like this. In fact we are doing something right now. So sign us up.

  14. Random acts of kindness are always the best. So we love yoor idea.

  15. This is a great idea. We will have to have a think about what we should do.

  16. Dear Fin,
    thank you for letting all your friends know about the Guerrilla Holiday idea. I can't wait to see what everyone does!

  17. This is a great idea, Fin! Our mom tries to do random acts of kindness. We don't know what we'll do yet...but we will do something!

  18. Hi Fin! Oh we remember this from last year! We totally remember your mom decorating that little tree! We are trying to get mom to think of something to do - she is SO not creative (and also kind of a big chicken) but we will make her think of something!!

  19. Barnabas-Mom, why are your eyes shining and what's up with the silly grin?
    Mom-oh, nothing, sweetie
    Barnabas-you are thinking of doing something that will embarress me, aren't you?
    No, dear-Mom says, her grin getting even bigger.
    Barnabas sighs-Thanks, Fin.