Cat-A-Lympics (Re)Opening Day

Hi Friends. As promised Cat-A-Lympics. This was a series Fin and I did during the last Olympics and honestly I had so much fun and I think my friends did too. We had lots of friends who played and created their own events.  I think Huffle Mawson's Mom still has the scars from the napping event, who knew that would be so popular?

Who are Jim and Bob? The imaginary commentators in my head of course. Without further ado...  

Jim: Well Bob it's finally arrived, Cat-A-Lympics. Can't you smell the excitement in the air Bob?

Bob: Oh, I, uh, thought that was tuna Jim. Either way the excitement has been building here at the Host Nation of Fin-Land for weeks now.We have some exciting events planned here at the H.C. Ice Hockey, Balance Beam, Eating, and course Fin will be taking part in Napping events, and maybe even showing off some Bunny-Kicking in a exhibition sport.

Jim: Before we discuss the events Bob, I think we need to clear up any questions about the games. First the name Cat-A-Lympics is a bit of a misnomer, as any species can play.

Bob: What Jim? Any species? Dogs and Cats competing together? It's a world gone mad.

Jim: Yes Bob, it's a unique feature of these games, but you know cats are fierce competitors and they welcome all comers. Another difference in these games is that any participant can take away one of these medals designed by none other than Glogirly.


Bob: That's some award Jim! But that's not all, I understand that some cats are organizing their own events and competitors can even win other awards, is that right?

Jim: That's right. Hopeful competitors should contact these cats or check out their blogs if they want to participate in these exciting events. 

Bob: I've heard that competitors can even make up their own events on the fly and just link the event here as they think of things, but surely that's a rumor Jim!

Jim: No Bob, that's totally true. We are hoping the staff of our host nation has figured out how to Mr Linky and that it continues to show up each day... or they can just come back to this post each day they compete.  In fact they don't even have to link here... there are no rules! That's right! No Rules! 

Bob: You mean they can even use old posts and just slap a Cat-A-Lympic spin on the thing and that counts?

Jim: Yes Bob! Like I said no rules! Just a celebration of the Cathlete. Let the games begin Bob!


  1. I have SUCH fond memories of competing in the Ice Cube Hockey event.


  2. Those were the fun days. We remember competing in the nap one. It was terrific. It is good to remember all the different competitions. Synchronized sleeping. That is one of the ones we did.
    Take care Fin and Mom Meg.

  3. Oh we remember and had such fun, I think we won one event even!

    Thank you for your continued good cheer in regards to Abby. She is making tiny (but positive) steps toward getting better. We are all greatly appreciative of the support!

  4. ooooh, we had a blast! Can't wait for tomorrow!

  5. Fun fun fun! Mom has a big grin on her face. Bob and Jim were one of the very best parts of the Catolympics, but there also were so many fun aspects!

  6. We had such great fun too! We still have our awards page, though it's not published at the moment. :-)

  7. The Cat-A-Lympics are back? Woohoo!

  8. We have fond memories of the Cat-A-Lympics. It was great fun.

  9. We LOVED the Cat-O-Lympics! We sponsored one of the events and had a blast doing so!!

  10. Napping is a dangerous contact sport and should be banned from future Cat Oympics!!!!! Just saying. .. I'm still in traction from last time!


  11. Oh I remember that! I didn't make the cut so I totally missed the competition!

  12. That was so much fun! My human worked really hard on our boxing video - she actually mixed several audio tracks, which is not all that easy to do in iMovie! And of course Binga and I worked even harder, training for the event.

  13. It sure sounds like me missed a whole bunch of fun! Me was not yet blogging!

  14. We needs some limbering up here! It sounds fun! But I must get my mom off her bottom and get her to take some pictures!!

  15. OMC we loved the Cat-O-Lympics! Thanks for the reminder. Bob and Jim were great commentators!!

    The Florida Furkids

  16. Oh boy! that sounds like fun! We weren't around last time so I can't wait to see how this goes!!

  17. This will be our first Cat Olympics and we are so excited. Hannah says is there a chicken eating medal because she's sure she would be in with a chance of winning!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    ps Will Fin be one of the track marshalls?

  18. Oh oh. This is so exciting! It'll be our first Cat-O-lympics so we hope to get more pointers on how to participate...

  19. Me and my girls didn't know you guys when you wrote this, the Olympics are coming back around so we will have to practice practice practice so we can particiapte this year!!