Double Events

Bob: Well Jim it's been quite a week so far, but I understand our hostess has been "going nocturnal" to enter our first event of the day.

Jim: That's right Bob, Finny has pulled out all the stops to win in Mr Tuck's Late Night Human Wake Up Event. Fin's expertise in this event is really going to pay off.

Bob: Jim, let's get right to the video!

Jim: Um, Bob, we don't have any video... seems our host nation of Fin-Land didn't shell out for the Night Vision. We weren't "allowed in the room" for the live play by play, as it might have altered the outcome. Only the cat can be the waker-upper in order to medal in this classic event.

Bob: We're told by "The Mom" that the competitor began the event at 12:30am! Now that's taking it to the Mat-tress Jim!

Jim: The Mom fought back with a classic Ignoring You Fake Out, but Fin is a champion and she began an aria of meows that no human could ignore. The Mom struck back with a "Shut it Little Cat!" yell, but again Fin struck back.

Bob: I understand she brought out the big guns, and knocked over a glass of water on the nightstand right into the pillow!

Jim: That's right Bob, and it was OVER! Our champion was rewarded with a late night snack. Speaking of snacks let's get right into our second event, Competitive Eating.

Bob: She goes right in for the win! Look at that determination! That Chick-Hen doesn't stand a chance! She may need to change position to get those last bites.... NO!! She does it!!

Jim: Wait Bob! There seems there's a doping scandal! One of the other teams has photo evidence of performance enhancing additives!! What an upset!!

Bob: Oh My COD! I'm shocked! But wait, Fin looks truly shocked too!

Finny: I had no idea they were adding anything to my food! Mom says it's a phosphate binder so my kidney's stay well! What a shock! I never tasted anything!

Jim: Well the judges have decided to allow this Bob, citing health reasons. So there will be no disqualifications for the grannycat!


  1. MOL! We are big FAILS at this sport. We sleep the night through.

  2. Now this event seems eerily like 2012, not a rerun from the previous Catolympics! Are we correct? What an expert Fin is!! And we wish to learn more about the doping controversy!

  3. Hahaha! This is the first "doping" case we know that didn't result in a disqualification. Yeay to Grannycat Fin!

  4. Having read the book, we know that Fin has been training for this event all her life. Such dedication, such singlemindedness, such mirth .....!

    I still think that on the day Fin was under the influence of something. Letters will be written!

  5. Yeah Fin, you are winning all the events. Good girl.
    Srsly, how are you doing for real Fin?? I hope all right. Hugs to everyone. Have a great week.

  6. We can't enter the first event cos Mum doesn't have a glass of water on the bedside table - she's such a spoil sport.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Alls I know is that when I came to the computer just now I found That Woman all in a puddle of squeee just looking at your feets floofs. Good grief!

    Lookin good gurl!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  8. Go Fin! We're rooting for you, sweet one!