Failed on Friday

To explain why my blog has been so neglected this week I thought I would share this cautionary tale from Mom's blog Hart Stories by Meg S. Hart. Take it away Mom...

Yesterday I started working on my first project for my new job, and my mind actually boggled. I had to hold my hands upon my head to prevent an explosion. It started innocently enough as these things often do.

I decided to read through the full manual, not just the items I was tasked to change. I was reading the first few paragraphs and tried to locate a document it mentioned and couldn't find it. Huh?

Document two is mentioned and I looked and... nowhere to be found. What? So I thought I would go to lunch and pick it up with a fresh pair of eyes. Seemed reasonable.

I brought up the same document (Topic 13 - I know ominous right?) I had clicked on earlier in my review, and it was totally different. No, that can't be right. I checked again, and no, nothing looks familiar.

Did I loose my mind at lunch? Sure it's possible, but in the space of a lunch hour? I probably shouldn't admit this but I must have pulled up this document at least three different times, somehow hoping it would look like I remembered. It was like a grown-up game of peek-a-boo.

I was lucky that the document-numbering gods left the telltale numbering of topic 12 behind. Yes it turns out that sometime during my lunch hour the topic, formerly known as 13, was now 14.

I think I am now at the point that I can find it funny. Until they change the numbers again... peek-a-boo!


  1. 14 is the new 13? Well that's just taking weird fashion statements too far...
    How fun for your mom!

  2. MOL... Fin,just make sure This magic thought works the same when your mom have to buy you food ..you can have Extra !

  3. Fin, we feel sorry for you. It is a terrible thing to see a Human having a mind boggle!

  4. SS says this looks really familiar. Wonder what she means by that.

  5. Oh my goodness, things are often confusing enough without strange things happening!

  6. Fin your Mom's work problems made our Mum run down the garden screaming "boggle boggles" - computer malfunctions always do this to her!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Our Mom's mind boggles every single day. MOL. That all sounds like something that would happen to us. Hope your day gets better. Have a great and fun week end.

  8. Mom had to smile, Fin. She has been in the Land of Mind Boggles at work a few times and felt sympathy pain for your mom. xox