Fatberd - Tweet week

I thought in honor of Spring I would repeat our Tweet Week posts for our feather friends. Please enjoy!

::Music Implied::

Fatberd singing in the dead of night
Take these felted wings and learn to fly
All my life, been waiting for my Fatberd to arrive

Here was some of my inspiration for Tweet Week. My Fatberd. I had my eye on one of these little fellas for awhile, so imagine my surprise when he flew into my life the other day...

Dad went to the mailbox and returned while Mom was... indisposed. He yelled out that a package had arrived for ME. I was so surprised, first a paw it forward and now this!

"It's a surprise for Toontzy. It's gonna be for Tweet Week." Mom yelled from her perch.

"Meow! Open it Dad! Do It!"

"I'm gonna open it!" Dad yelled to Mom.

"No! Not yet, I wanna take photos!" Mom yelled which only I heard, and naturally choose to ignore.

"Do it Dad!" I mewed loudly as Dad got busy cutting into the package. I held my breath as I waited to see if my birdy dreams had come true. I made sure that I continued my loud meows, to cover Mom's continued yells to leave it alone.

"Oh this is really cute! It's this blue bird." Dad yelled out to her.

"No! I said don't open it! Don't give it to her yet!"


"Oh she loves it! She's rubbin it all over her face.... Now she's kickin its a-"

"No!" Mom said as she came into the kitchen, just in time to see me finish some darling bunny-kicking business. "Shoot! Did you not hear me when I said not to open or give it to her?"

"What? No. I thought you said TO open it."


  1. HaHaMeow! Mommy says the best photo ops of us always take place when her britches are around her ankles!

  2. This is why my human does everything herself and does not get her boyfriend involved. It's less stressful... for her, at least.

  3. MOL I bet he just wanted to enjoy watching that cuteness all to himself!

  4. LOL It's a man thing with the selective hearing!

  5. Well that was awfully tweet of your Daddy to give it to you anyways!

  6. MOL!!...You know how to work it, lovely Finny!!...Happy Spring, beautiful girl...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Mine mommy is laffin-n-laffin acause mine daddy does this all the time! Me is so furry glad Fin likes her berdie. Happys should nefer be taken for granted.
    Love, TK

  8. This Mommy is laughing hysterically. Nice jog Fin, getting Dad to open that packege. What a pretty bird that is for sure. Hope all have a great Wed. Take care.

  9. Hahaha! That happens here sometimes, too, Fin! :)

  10. Our dad is under threat of death if he opens any of our packages without mum being there!