Dear Sandy Claws,

My friends assured me that you are cool, and willing to look the other way when it comes to kitten transgressions. I was getting really excited about your impending visit till my parents mentioned that if I was a good boy maybe you'd bring me a baby sisfur for Christmas.

I don't know what kind of show you're running up there, but I do NOT, repeat, DO NOT want a baby sisfur for Christmas. If that is what being good gets an ample-sized kitten, then let the biting begin I say!

In case there is some miscommunication on my family's part, I have made an alternate list for you to fill.

  1. Very tall and sturdy scratching post.
  2. Very tall and sturdy cat tree.
  3. Ample-sized window perch.
  4. Dog bed.
  5. Dog bowl.
  6. Treats.
  7. Nip toys (even though Mom says I'm a mean drunk - whatever that means).
Thanks and I'll be awaiting your response.



  1. Hehehe... I like your list. Oh, and there's no such thing as a mean drunk... at least not for cats. Some of just really enjoy the ol' nip. purrs

  2. Quill. pal, I have five sisters, trust me, sistersnaremcool and lots of fun!

  3. but Quill.. if you have a sister, you have someone to point to when momma gets upset at something.. they really are oh so awesome!

    (and maybe momma should have told you that you would get a sister if you weren't good for Christmas...)

  4. Uh oh... sounds like someone may be getting a home invasion soon!

  5. The best thing about a sister is you are never alone when the pawrents are away from the house! You don't even have to share your food or your beddie with her. She will have her own :)

  6. Just think...maybe a sisfur could help you subdue Mr. Tail!

  7. That is a most excellent Christmas wish list.

    A sister will just boss you around.

  8. Did they mean a doggie sister or kitty sister???? because kitty sisters are stinky (the one I had for awhile was), but a doggie sister would be soooo cool. That is what I asked for (or a doggie brother).

    But you have some really good things on your list. I asked for catnip toys, too.

    Love, Scout

  9. Maybe the dog bed was requested b/c an ample sized kitten needs room to sprawl. How bout it Quill?

    With a sisfur, you could team up against Mittens. Just think about that one.

  10. Quill, we'd be happy to send Zoey to you.

    Wally & Ernie

  11. wally and Ernie's comment made us totally mol.MS Stella wrote a yummy and thoughtful comment but blogger ate it and since it's MS Stella, well , we should really get her down from the top of the Christmas tree but we grow squeamish at the sight of all that blood.

    Good luck if you gets a scapegoat for Christmas!

    your buddy
    Clyde the boneless

  12. WHAAAT? A sisfur? But, you've been good! That's what bad kittehz get for Christmouse. We definitely need to review the rules!

  13. You need a sister? *dreams of packing up.....* I think you should keep a sister on your list! Canine or feline?

  14. Something tells me that if you had an ample sized sisfur to bite on, I mean play with, your moms ankles would be safer... But I understand your reluctance! Star does anyway..

    My mother had a cat who could not stand to be an only cat and when he was, no ankle was safe, but when there was another kitty, no bites were given! Not saying you'd be the same, but you never know!

  15. She is not a baby, but I will be happy to send Binga over to you, Quill!

  16. We suggest a kitty brother, not sister. LOL.

  17. Definitely like this part "If that is what being good gets an ample-sized kitten, then let the biting begin I say!"
    I saw another funny Christmas cartoon in which cats started wandering if they are going to receive Christmas presents having in mind that they have not been so good this year while staying awake and playing with their owners. But one of the cats told that while she's asleep, she has been very good and calm and hoped that this counts :-)

  18. your list sounds good, but a sibling isn't so bad....gives you someone to play with and someone to put all the blame on when things go bad.

  19. Are you hoping to get a doggie for a pet. We noticed you asked for a dog bed and bowl. We have to say they make pawsome pets. We now seem to have TWO. But we thinks you would love a kitty sister too. ~Socks & Scylla

  20. Oh Quill, we think a sisfur would be so much fun. We can't wait to see what Santa brings to you. You just never know what Santa is going to do. Hope it isn't a little sisfur or at least one that a strong gal. What fun. Take care.

  21. WE agree about the sisfur - more fun for you, and someone to take the blame for bad kitty stuff.
    Nice Sandy Claws list, very complete, no gratuitous requests.