The Eagle Has Landed

Is it a bird? A plane? An alien?

Nope. It's my hind end (and Mr. Tail photo-bombing my shot).  

Dad took this picture of me and Mom as I perch in my favorite spot. I like to sit next to Mom's head on the top of her lounger. It's get for watching bird TV. 

Sometimes Mr Tail gets excited and whips Mom repeatedly in the face. Mom tucks Mr Tail behind her head to avoid whiplash.

I've also noticed the startled look on her face as I bound to the spot at top speed. Something about 15 pounds of kitty hurtling at her head.

Dad thinks my legs look like a heart. I do love it up here.


  1. We have heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but on your butt?

  2. kinda looks like a "Y".....

    we like to sit behind mom and whap her with the occasional tail - keeps her on her toes ;)

  3. BOL....too funny! You sure have a BIG tail!

    Hap-Pee Wednesday!


  4. We agree with Random Felines ... it looks like a big Y! :)

  5. Quill, it sounds like your tail would make a great weapon!

  6. I have something quite similar here.. a big fluffy young mancat, about 12 pounds of fur, bounds down the stairs and into my arms, wondering why I'm startled. Then he settles on the back of the couch and flips his tail in my face!
    Fluffy boys, gotta love them!

  7. That probably is a great weapon, that tail, Quill. You have grown even more. That does look like a great place for bird TV. It all looks like a Y and a heart. Take care.

  8. Oh yeah, we love to rush at mum she is in our favorite sitting spot. Also with the tail tickle!

  9. you have such a way with words!! lol.
    Cody likes to sit by my head too when I am watching TV (maybe they are plotting something?)
    Or...he prefers to drape across my neck like a boa

  10. I wish I could watch Bird TV with you. I love watching Bird TV!
    Your legs do look like a heart.....

  11. You know, Maine Coone kitties don't stop growing until they are 3 years old...15lbs is nothing but teenhood weight. My Cedar kitty topped out at 18lbs. And Mr tail keeps growing too!

  12. Gosh, that's real? And here I thought that was all photoshopped.

    There's just more floof to love is all.