Floofy Friday

Hey Friday! 
Boy have you been missed around here!

Mom claims she was stressed this week. Stressed? 
Does she have to fight for a bite of food without a kitten head? 
Actually she does - that Greyson can really pack it in. 

Hope he doesn't find me here. ::Sniffs:: Smells clear.

I see you big brofur! Whatcha doing?

Well, I guess he found my hiding spot. 
Guess I'll have to distract him with... anything. 
Kit can play with a pipe cleaner for hours.

Happy holiday to you if you are celebrating!!


  1. Baby brothers is so much fun though!

  2. We have just discovered your blog and have subscribed. We read several of your posts and enjoyed them so much. We are looking forward to returning and reading more. If you have the opportunity, please drop by and meet us. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at www.TheCatOnMyHead.com, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  3. Oh Quill, I can so relate. Younger brothers can be SO annoying!


  4. The little kits have a way of finding us big siblings no matter how much we try to hide.

  5. My human has to distract Binga sometimes... with treats! She tosses them as far across the room as possible. Funny how my human has to use kitten-type tactics - on a 12-year-old cat!

  6. Isn't it just great to have someone look up to you, Quill? ;)
    Tutu is the only one who can play with the pipe cleaner for hours!

  7. Double fluffy Friday! Love it!
    Quill, you're still a young kitty yourself, don't tell me you're all played out!

  8. Loving the floof!
    Mom sympathizes! I remember that she actually cried a bit a week into getting me because Siena and I werent getting along and it was really stressful. So behave, flooy boys! Not that I'm the behaver around here, but it was fun saying it.

  9. It's very sweet of you to entertain your baby brother like that, Quill!

    The Chans

  10. Just think of all the mischief YOU can get into, though, and blame on your new brother!

    Happy Easter weekend to you all too, whatever and however you celebrate!

  11. Think of it Quill, you might never be blamed for anything ever again!!

  12. Don't believe the other commenters, Quill. You'll still get blamed for stuff. And you have to work EXTRA hard at the cute thing as long as you-know-who is around.

    Happy Easter Weekend!!!
    Make sure to get your fair share of HAM!
    ; ) Katie

  13. Poor Quill-it is frustrating to have to train another kitty-especially when they are too young to have proper
    brain thoughts.
    Have a wonderful hammy Easter

  14. See Quill, look at that photo of Grayson, I told you he looks up to you!

  15. Little brothers are like that, Quill. They always want to do what YOU'RE doing. :)

  16. Oh Quill, the brother of yours is keeping you busy anyway even if he is annoying. You have to admit, he is kind of cute. But you will always be the head guy around there. Hope all of you have a great weekend and a very Happy Easter to you.

  17. Hello Greyson, it's nice to meet you.
    Thank you for your kind words on our loss of Eric. The many comments have been a great comfort to us.

  18. thanks for the Friday smile! Hope your stress eases up soon! Have a happy Easter!

  19. little ones can be annoying, but at least they are easily distracted :)

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