Floofy Friday

Quill: Well hello Friday! What? Why yes this is my new Ess Curve lounger. A tight fit? No. I think it's just right. See..

::Squeezes all 22 lbs in Ess Curve:: 
Just a little tail spillover. Nothing too serious. The crossed paws makes Mom swoon too. Just for you Friday...

 Puss in Profile. With ear tufts and curled whisker!

I was so happy to see Mom when she came home from the cocktail party at BlogPaws last night that I bounded down the hall to greet her. Truth is I like having my best girl here at home! Mom's book is doing well on Amazon so spread the word - all the proceeds from this weekend's sales will go to kitties (and not me and Greyson).

Update: I guess it only has the price drop on Amazon US. Bummer! Sorry about the lack of discount elsewhere but more money will go to kitties at least.


  1. Awesome, a new ESS! Let's see how it takes you both to break it in. :-)

    Hey, where are the BlogPaws pics?! We've seen some already on "Stella's" blog. The humans are having way too fun. :-P

  2. My human loved seeing your human last night at the cocktail party!

  3. Glad the Mom is having a good time. We love those crossed paws. It made our Person swoon too. Have a great day.

  4. Yay, a new Ess ! I love your crossed paws ! Purrs

  5. Pawsome! New stuff is always great.

  6. We know that Mom was having a good time! Happy Mother's Day to one very special kitty Mom!

  7. Our mom LOVES Floofy Fridays!!! And dood, 22 pounds??? Can you puh-LEEZ tell our mom that a mere 13.2 pounds is nothing to get all fluffed up about? Seriouslies!!!