Mom looks over to notice a bug on the floor of the shower.

Mom: Boys! Boys! Come quickly!

Quill: What is it Mom?

Mom: Quill thank goodness you're here!! There's a bug in the shower can you get it?

Quill: A bug? Lemme look. Oh it has unusual markings! Let me grab my field journal!

Mom: Quill! Can't you just kill it? Oh Greyson! Thank Cod! There's a bug in the shower...

Greyson: Oh boy! ::Snarf, snarf, pounce, gobble:: Got em!

Quill: You ate him? I needed to document him! Did you use my Interview Form? What can you tell me about him?

Greyson: Um, he tasted like chicken....


  1. MOL! Um, yes ... tasted like chicken ... duly noted! :)

  2. Greyson, you're my kind of kitty! **pawbump**

  3. I caught and ate my first fly today! I didn't look in any field journal either.

  4. Hahahaha!!! I'm with Greyson on this one!!

  5. Great conversation. Mom LOLed. Quill should join Cat Scouts. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. CHICKEN! Someone needs to let Waffles, over at Glogirly's know so he can be on the look out for think particular crawly. Oh, wait. Did you use Quill's interview technique? Can you describe what the crawly looked like, Greyson's? No? Well, never mine. I'm sure Waffles will be excited when you tell him that it tasted like chicken, and that's what counts!

  7. Good job, Greyson ! Quill, are you a Cat Scout already ? You should, you know... Purrs