Momma's Boys

Quill basks in the love of his adoring Mom...

Greyson: Get over it!

Quill: You're just jealous cause I'm "Momma's Good, Good Boy!"

Greyson: I believe if you really listen you'll notice you're really "Momma's Goo, Goo Boy!" No Ds.

Quill: Goo, Goo Boy! What's that mean?

Greyson: I don't know, but I think it's clear I'm "Mom's Little Bunny Boy."

Quill: Wait! I'm also "Mr. Sweet Buns" and "Quilbert Von Silly Pants!"

Greyson: But none of that trumps "Spazzymoto!"

Quill: That one you can keep. I'll keep being a "Momma's Good, Good Boy."


  1. We love ALL your nicknames, boys. Even (gasp!) Sapzzymodo. :)

  2. MOL good on you Quill, Stick to that :)

  3. We think our readers would wince at some of the names our Mommy calls us.
    MOL! (tuxie toodler, pru-pru, sweet baby, etc.)

  4. I really like Spazzymodo; it's a better fit for the antics of our cat that occasionally goes SchizoKitty. But I agree with Lone Star Cats regarding the spelling.

  5. All kitties aspire to be Mr. Sweet Buns! It sounds like you've reached a mighty goal, Quill.

  6. We have a good good boy here too.
    And goey names galore what is up with that anymeow?

  7. We are pretty sure you are BOTH Mom's good boys.

  8. Spassymoto? Bwahaha!! I get called lots of different names as well.

  9. Yeah, we all think we would skip on Spazzymoto as well. We don't really have nicknames; though, most of our predecessors did. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. How adorable! My favorite is "Quilbert Von Silly Pants"! I have a new kitten named Cleopatra McQuiggles. A bit strange, but I like the silliness. Of course, I usually call her Cleo. Here is where I found her name, in case anyone is looking for a good collection of cat names: