Floofy Friday

Oh hey Friday! Greyson here! I was just about to teach this toy a lesson. 

Chew, chew into submission wand toy!

Whew! What? Oh you're welcome for this gratuitous belly shot. It's been so warm, even I have to air out the floof after a good game. 

Where's Quill? He's been very quiet this week, lots of naps under the bed, and that has Mom all aflutter. He says he's "fine" but I suspect Summer Shed season has him down. Of course Mom didn't help when she bought us food the expired A YEAR AGO! Luckily we were smart enough to refuse to eat it, but still! Hopefully he feels better soon - so I have something real to chase.


  1. I hope Quill is back in fine form soon!

  2. I love tummies, I want to rub it.

  3. Oh, we hope Quill perks up soon.... but heat definitely drags us all down.

  4. That tummy needs a rubbin' but maybe it's too hot for that.

  5. Greyson you are one brazen kitty!!

  6. Nice belly shot, Greyson! Sometimes, you just gotta air it out, right?

  7. ePurrs with get well tones to our friend Quill. Isn't it awful that we are so smart, but we cannot get our human family to understand whether something is wrong or we are just spending alone time in catemplation.
    From your short-haired friends,
    Alfie (sort of Greyson-like; pounce first, why wait?) and
    Binky (sort of Quill-like; tends to interview bugs before deciding their fate)

  8. loving that belly shot...
    Love Helen, Darcy, Bingley and Fred x

  9. Greyson, Kitshka says your tummy is gorgeous! She's also worried for Quill now... Keep us posted!