Floofy Friday

Whew!! Mom just had the flop sweats, cause she couldn't remember the password to get into the blog account for like a couple of hours.

It was a real claw biter Friday!

So instead of a fresh new picture of two very cute cats.... you get recycled photos of darling cats.

Really? Did you try it with an asterisk?

I wasn't worried at all! I knew she'd remember, she's just a little tired Friday. We've been looking forward to seeing you all week Friday!


  1. That's one password my human has never forgotten! Let's not talk about the others....

  2. That must have been a panic when she forgot the password! My mum was like that when she got her new phone. She couldn't get the password accepted when she wanted to connect to her wifi. She knew she had it right because it was written down long ago. Silly mum! When she wrote it down she did it in all caps, and some should have been lower case. With a bit of trial and error she got it right in the end.

  3. looking good boys....we keep telling our mom she needs to write that stuff down just in case

  4. You both look great. Please visit us to enter our Dr. Seuss giveaway.

  5. Well, we don't mind seeing recycled pictures of you two.

  6. Those passwords can be tricky for the humans. Glad Mom finally remembered it, guys! :)

  7. my password is saved.. if I have to remember it I might have to have a moment of panic too

  8. They may be recycled but we have never seen them! Adorable!

    Thank you for your kind words about our Bella. It helps to know we have friends who understand and care

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