Sippy Time

Hello friends, we have something today that is uncommon here at the H.C. A product review of the TORUS™ water bowl by Heyrex™.

The nice people at Torus approached us about giving it a try, and because Mom is obsessed with our drinking lots of water she was on board. First of all it doesn't tip over (this is an issue here at the H.C. with klutzy paws). She "claims" we are "weird" about our watering habits. 

For years both Quill and I refused to drink out of water bowl in the kitchen. Fancy fountains, multiple styles and still nothing. We'd only drink out of one particular water bowl in the bathroom, despite multiple options. Then one day, Quill started only drinking in the kitchen - I stand firm in my decision.

Mom asked for the 1 liter bowl (even though I drink like a pony). She thought we might go for it because it's silent without plug ins (some cat's a cord chewer) or batteries. The water is stored in a reservoir and only comes out when we drink it down.  

It came in packaging that Mom opened easily (a rarity). Mom got pink because she likes it, even though grey would look better with our furs. She managed to get it open (just one twist).

We both inspected it carefully. 

Mom filled it up, and victory! First customer!

So far, so good!

For more information about the TORUS™ water bowl visit the Heyrex™ website by clicking HERE.


  1. I've been seeing a lot about this bowl - it does sound pretty cool!

  2. That is a nice looking bowl, and ideal for kitties who don't like their drinking water to make a noise.

  3. we got asked about that but somecat (Tim) has weird plastic allergies and mom says it wasn't worth it. it is a nice looking bowl though - hope you BOTH use it

  4. That was a fun review and we like the looks of that bowl too!

  5. We were lucky enough to get to review this bowl too. Wally loves it.

  6. We have both the dog bowl and the cat bowl and we love ours! We reviewed them quite some time ago. Enjoy! catchatwithcarenandcody