Sometimes it's hard for me to understand why my parents take such - offense - to something I consider my life's work. I have many duties as Housecat, but I take my job as quality control inspector very seriously. Yet I am denied access to the very tools I need to perform said duties. Just this week for example I was denied access to the following:
  • Mommy's Water Cup

  • Mommy's Milk Cup

  • Oven Roasted Chicken

Well I can't let my job performance fall short due to these issues - so I took matters in my own paws and jaws last night.

I'm happy to report that the whipped cream on Daddy's pie was without defect, but for some reason he didn't want it anymore - even when I told him it was good.

P.S. Daddy Has turned a corner and is doing really well the last couple of days!! We are afraid to exhale, but we thank everyone for your purrs and support. You are great friends!


  1. Fin, you keep on doing what you think is right. Humans think differently from cats, but some of the wiser ones can begin to understand things from our point of view.

    We're glad to hear the good news about your Daddy, and we're purring that it keeps getting better.

  2. I'm sure that being the official "taster" in the family has spared the humans many an illness and is probably the likely reason for your daddy's improved health. If the whipped cream was bad, who knows what would have happened to him! Another heroic effort Fin!!!!

  3. You just have to tell your parents that royalty always used to have tasters for their food to make sure that they weren't being poisoned, so the fact you are taking on this role shows how much you care for them.

    Plus, whipped cream tastes fabulous!

  4. Good. We're hoping your dad keeps turning. Wait, that would make him dizzy. Make that, we hope he keeps improving. Anyway, we're purring and barking for him.

    He can't be too well if he turned down pie with whipped cream after you taste tested it for him. Does that mean you got to eat the whole thing?

  5. Maybe you're helping your dad get better by making him laugh?!

    Now, if you had managed to get a taste of both the roasted chicken AND the whipped cream...

  6. Glad to hear your daddy is doing alright. We can't believe he wouldn't have the whipped cream after your careful inspection. Wonder why?

  7. Really hope the best for your daddy! Was that whipped cream yummy?

  8. Is whipped cream tasty?

    I am glad to hear your dad is doing better! I am purring and purring for him.

    Huffle Mawson

  9. Sweet !! :) you should have all of it.

    Hey fin, you are absolutely right, actually right now m working on it. and that was something I want to help new bees in this, right now m having 7 kitties, having a very good time for teaching them tricks et cetra. I liked your blog and love to read your posts. :)
    waiting for your next one.

    have good day fin!

  10. I find that if I taste test for the 'rents, I wind up getting the whole thing. It's a great strategy!
    Glad to hear your Dad is doing better!

  11. That is good news that your dad is getting better. You are doing a good job by tasting the food for your Beans. That way they won't get anything that tastes bad.

  12. We thinks your human is very strange if he turned down whipped cream; especially after you told him how good it was. We hopes you got to eat it all. Scylla is the official taste tester around here and she says it is a very hard job as some times the beans have really nasty stuff for you to taste. Scylla is still recovering from her taste of lemon. Anyway keep up the good work Fin.

    We will continue to purr and tail wag for your Dad's improvement. ~S,S,C & F

  13. Lol! Fin, you is funny!

    We are so glad to hear your daddy is doing better! We'll keep our paws crossed for him!

  14. You certainly put the needed effort into your work! Thank you for the update on your Daddy. We've been hoping and hoping that he is feeling better:)

  15. Glad your daddy is doing better, and I am sure he would not mind sharing the pie with you!

  16. Hey, Fin! You know, sometimes that strategy backfires! Once I licked some of the mayo off of dad's sandwich...mom gave him the sandwich anyway and he ate it! It's not suppose to work that way!


    We're glad your dad is doing better...we're still purring for him...

  17. I had to scroll down to see the picture, and when I did I almost feel of my chair laughing!

    Whipped cream, oh boy!

  18. you are a good cat!!! enjoy the whipped cream. we gonna get maw to give us somes too.

    yay your dadbean is feeling betters.

  19. Keep up the good work! You provide an essential service of quality control. We're so glad your daddy is doing better. We're still purring really hard for him to get all better very soon.

  20. Fin, your people should appreciate that a lady like you pitches in and helps. Our humans also get all weird when we remove food from their plates or when Ms. P inspects the man's coffee. Silly humans.

    We are so glad your father is doing better and will continue to purr for him.

    Ms. P and Cinza

  21. Wow, we didn't even know that we're supposed to control all this food. We have been denying our duty as cats!
    Fin, so glad your daddy is doing better. We believe it's normal that you don't trust the change at first, but hopefully you all can exhale soon. Did he do anything to feel better? Maybe it was all the purrs from the CB... If so, don't you worry, we'll always send them when you're in need.
    Mom is happy to have written the final exam in her student life. Strange feeling but good somehow. It went okay, not great but okay.
    Purrs, LSIF & LSIHF

  22. Humans are weak and complicated. You do a good job and one day they'll learn to fully appreciate it.

  23. Good to hear that your Daddy is doing well. I will continue to purr for him.

    I like the idea of being the official taster, but SS is not so keen. The roast chicken in the oven has me salivating. What, SS? We ARE having roast chicken tonight. Yay!!!!

  24. Whipped cream? I've never had that before, but it sounds fabulous! For some reason my mom doesn't want me drinking from her cup either. Humans are difficult. I'm glad to hear that your daddy has been feeling better! I'll keep purring for him!

  25. We are so glad that your daddy is doing better!! We'll keep purring that he continues to feel better!!

  26. Good news about your Daddy. We are so pleased.
    You do your "tester" job really well and are worvy of a promotion.

  27. After you went to the trouble of making sure it was just right... ohh dadda *sigh* hehe
    But we is very glad that he is a little better and we puur that he keeps getting better :))

  28. Yippee for your Daddy!!!!

    We have been purring all week!