Couch Conversation

Mom I'd like us to play with my feather toy now.

Um, err, what feather toy?

You know the floofy brown one!

Err, um, how about you go play with a mouse, or THE BALL instead?

No Mommy, I want to play with YOU and my feather toy.

I have some sad news - it - it doesn't live here anymore.

I know you loved it, but you remember how it used to shed? It turned into basically a string with feather patches on it.

I know, but it was because I loved it so. I didn't mind.

Well you remember how there were brown feathers all over the floor, and how you used to try to eat the feathers too. I used to have to pull them out of your mouth.
I wasn't really going to eat them. I only did it when you were watching so we could wrestle and I could spit the wet feathers out in your hand. It was fun. Where did it go?

Huh? Um, er, we - took it out to the feather toy farm so it could be chased by farm cats.

Well as long as you didn't throw it out. What will we play with now? I hope it will be pink....

To be continued...


  1. I think those feather toys do come in pink, Fin!

  2. We had a feather toy that shedded like that, not a well made cat toy!
    But this pink hint....we're intrigued!

  3. Fin, you look pretty funny with that brown feather in your mouth!

    How come you want a pink feather toy? Has Daisy been whispering in your ear?

  4. your mommy is a good storyteller...

    We know the kinda toy you are talking about, and our mommy won't let us have them either, once they start shedding.

    Do you have a Cat Dancer? It's our favorite just about and pretty indestructable.

  5. I hope she gets you this toy called "da bird"...the human flys it around like a real birdie and then you get to catch it. There's nothing better!

  6. A pink one would be very nice. We are sure your toy is very happy on the feather toy farm!

  7. Now we are wondering if our feather toy went to the feather toy farm. We had the same exact one you had, Fin. Ours shed all over too but it was a fun toy. Hmmm wonder what new toy you are going to get?=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  8. Pink sounds great!

    We're sorry about your old feather toy. It sounded like a very fun toy indeed.

  9. Funny how efurryone is mentioning "Da Bird"! Mom has her eyes on this toy but it has to be impawted from the USA and is currently not in stock at our seller. Fin, I'm very sorry about the loss of your feather toy, but new toys are great too! I wonder whatt she'll get you?!
    Purrs, Siena

  10. Parents should never be allowed to take our toys. Ever.

    Huffle Mawson

  11. Man, the best toys always go away. I hope you get a new great pink one tho!
    your bud Pepi

  12. The "feather toy farm?" That's one we haven't heard before. Will you be receiving a nice new one??

    Ms. P and Cinza

  13. I hope you get another feather toy. Feathers are my favorite and you should not be deprived!

  14. We hope you get a new pink feather toy!!!

    (pee ess. our mom doesn't like some of those feather toys either cuz they shed and we eat them...)

  15. Hahha Fin you are lucky your momma let you play with it! My momma gets all freaky out with fevver toys a cause I try and east them too! hehe

  16. Those fevver toys always shed!

  17. I can't wait to see what new toy awaits you!

  18. The feather toy farm??????

    I wanna go.

    Right now.

    Purrs Banshee

  19. wow, a feather toy farm! that is nice. i'm glad she didn't throw it away. it stinks when our favorite toys have to go away.

    i can't wait to see what toy comes to replace it!!

    thank you for the kinds words for my family, purrrrs

  20. That looks like a very fun toy. Feathers are the best! I hope that you get a new one soon!!

  21. We hope you get a nice new fev-ver toy. If mum sees me with fev-vers in my mouth she knows I have caught real live fev-vers. She doesn't like me doing that.

  22. Every feather toy dreams of living on the feather toy farm where it can play all the time. I'm sure your toy will be very happy there.

  23. We think your human might be up to some funny business with the feather thing.