The First Post

Here is the first post from my human blog. You can find it on Kindle by searching Hart Stories or by Meg S Hart.

Hello World!

It's me, Meg, ::whispers:: and I'm human. Maybe some of you saw that one coming. If you're new here you're likely to be confused by that revelation, so let me explain. 

I'm starting my own blog after blogging for three plus years using my cat's voice. Why blog as a cat? It started as a way to find an audience for a book called Housecat Confidential that I wrote in her voice. I guess I should back up even more - why write a book as a cat?

Speaking in my cat's voice all began by trying to mimic my cat's many variations on meow. She is a true kitty linguistic, and it did seem like you could really understand her wants and needs if you could just crack the code.

Eventually my hubby and I began to interpret those vocalization into English. Once we had her talking, it didn't take long for us to begin to insert our humor into those interpretations.Why ask "Honey, can you feed the cat?" when there are so many more fun ways to ask when you ask it like the cat would?

I have to admit my girl Fin didn't initially seem to be the brightest star in the sky, until the day I realized her "playing dumb" was an effective way to get what she wanted. Finny De Floof - Master Mind was born. 

Suddenly all the odd (but turns out perfectly normal) behavior of a cat took on new meaning to me. I began to try to see life through her eyes, and it was a life I liked looking at. It was filled with love (for us and a more forbidden variety with a toy mouse), hope (surely that can of tuna will be opened soon), work stresses (humans don't wake themselves) and many of the same frustrations we all face.

The world was a more interesting place from her point of view. I could learn to take life and myself less serious - why just have self-deprecating humor when you can have a cat do it for you. 

Her world was much smaller, but somehow much richer too. I started to realize that she had everything she needed to be happy within our home, and when I opened my heart I realized I did too. I started a journey to find the same joy and wonder in life and within myself, and I stopped looking for outside things to make me happy.

In the end I found that I wasn't alone, turns out there were a lot of other kind people who also like to look at the world through the eyes of a cat. So what does the world look like through my human eyes? I guess we'll all figure that out if you stick around, and I sure hope you do.


  1. EEEK! A HUMAN!!!

    Finny is very lucky to have such a good mummy.

  2. Funny how so many humans have discovered we kitties are so much more interesting than they are! Fin, your human is gonna have to work overtime to follow you! Maybe you can show her some ropes.

  3. Hmmm.... a hoomin.... we extend the Floofy Paw of Friendship to you and welcome you to the Kitteh Blogosphere!

  4. Fin sure is lucky to have humans who actually understand!

  5. We hope that you have grown beautiful whiskers like Fin has Meg and please can you tell us when we will we see you chasing a toy mouse?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Nice post! Me can't waits fur you to tell us how wonderfur we cats are, in your own wurds.
    I agrees with the rest, Fin is a luck girl, and you are lucky to have her too.
    Love, TK

  7. Fin, you have raised your girl well. You should be beaming with pride. Now go guilt her into some treats.
    xo Katie

  8. Fin, we just have to tell you that you did train your human really well.WE love the way Meg is thinking which is just like a cat. We are going to enjoy Meg's blog for sure. Meg could you give Fin a message for us. We hope she is still feeling a little better and we were wondering if we can have some updates on her. Take care and a very Merry Christmas.

  9. It sounds to us like Fin and you really have a wonderful and deep connection, Meg. It's so beautiful, and we purr and pray that you have much, much more time together to revel in it. BTW, it sounds like Fin has done a great job of training you. :)