My First Taste

This post was when Fin first tasted gravy. I thought it would be so funny for the blog to get a photo op. The joke was on me though as she never went back to dry kibble again. My mornings of sleeping in late were OVER!  Please enjoy!

Fancy Feast is in the house, and apparently it can be purchased right at the regular grocery store, who knew? Dad bought the place out I think with multiple cans and varieties (note to Mom - this is one reason Dad’s my favorite).

After much excited dancing by my dish (on my part naturally), Mom cracked open a can of Trout. I felt a little sorry for her because she looked like she might have a hairball of her own.

“Oh the humanity! I’m going to hurl, are you happy now?” She called out.

“Mew!” I replied hardily, meaning “Yep!”

Mom put down my trout as she tried to hold back the hairball with two hands. I started giving it a hardy inspection, but I have to admit I wasn’t too sure about it. I was gingerly sniffing, when I noticed Mom at the ready with the camera (she thought it would be nice to show me enjoying my first feast). Well as you can imagine, I don’t like to be rushed – and she knows the pawparazzi war isn’t over yet. I decided I needed a moment to regroup, so I made the universal gesture of “I’m not done here, I’ll be back for it later” by pawing the ground all around the plate in an effort to bury the feast.

“Oh no you don’t little cat, you’re eating that – and don’t wake me up in the middle of night with that on your cat breath either.” Mom called out as she ran from the kitchen to the freshness of the outdoor air.

After picking at it for a while, even I had to admit trout wasn’t for me and I abandoned the area, my head hung low in embarrassment. Mom (smugly) put it outside for Mittens to find. She also made Dad take out the trash like it held toxic waste, all over a little trout (What a drama queen!). We were all very upset.

We had found the stinky, but where was the goodness? The goodness my friends was finally found, two varieties (chicken and a mystery meat I still don’t recognize) and some cross words later, in a little can called Tuna and in one called Ocean Feast. I found them quite tasty and stinky, in a good way.

Although I hate to admit it - I think Mom might be right (another reason I prefer Dad) I am spoiled and I do prefer Dad’s flakey white tuna (it's even dolphin safe). I’m torn. If I eat the feast will I be denied the other? I can’t chance it - Eat up Mittens, I’m holding out for the good stuff.


  1. MOL there's a fancy feast with mackerel and shrimp in aspic that we love and that makes Mom gag.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. You sure went for the good stuff, yum!!!

  3. Yep, they don't call it stinky goodness for nothing!!

  4. Teri doesn't even give us Fishy Flakes cuz stinky fish makes her gag, too. You might have your pawrents look for Weruva stinky goodness...we find it irresistible!

  5. We likes the Lamb & Rice (it is for Senior cats) so Mommy gets it for Socks

  6. Wes eats real people tuna - yes me is spoiled! But me is the Cat From Hell and me knows what to do to gets it! And yous knows too!

  7. Oh yes....bring it on. I prefer the Royale Fancy Feast though as this type doesn't contain meat derivatives or offals. At the moment we're into this stinky goodness called Fussie Cat, all the way from Japan, fancy that! purrr...meow!

  8. My human tolerates our canned food all right - when she has to feed the dog is when she wants to gag! For some reason she can't stand the smell of dog food. Which is weird because I find it pretty tasty, a forbidden treat!

  9. Ha! Our mom says not being able to smell has its advantages. :-)

    We don't any fishy flavours, just the chicken pate and sometimes the chicken and liver pate. But truthfully, Derry doesn't like Fancy Feast! :-O

  10. Yup that stinky goodness makes mom a little queasy too. But she has gotten used to it now. Thank COD. We couldn't do without our stinky stuff.
    Fin, a little note to you, Your Mom is doing all right so far. But we still miss you. Hope you are feeling all right.

  11. We are not familiar with Fancy Feast in Blighty, but I reckon Austin would love it and I would be struggling with a hairball of my own lolol LMBO at toxic waste :))))

  12. Fin, we pass on the Fancy Feast because of what a few of the vets have said, so we don't know any stinky goodness except what we're fed in these parts!!

    Hope everything's okay.

    Tom, Mittens and mom Julie

  13. We're on a stinky goodness strike at the moment. We won't touch any of it. Which is especially annoying given that the vet wants Suey on a mostly wet diet to keep her episodes of cystitis at a minimum.
    -Lishy and Suey.

  14. heh heh. Fin, we love your style. But no trout? That's our favorite flavor of feast!

  15. Hahaha. We only got trout once and that was under the "Go" brand. It was nice at first but then we kinda gagged on the mushy feel of the food...we prefer chunks in our food which means...TUNA!

    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  16. Well... I think my post today tells you everything you need to know about Mr Darcy's love affair with the stinky goodness! :)

  17. OH don't we love this too!

  18. Love your stories. What a funny pussy cat. I'm glad you got some good tucker in the end.